Pharmacology Study Guide - 13 Pages

by admin

Posted on Monday 3rd of November 2008

A two parts guide in studying Pharmacology. Consist of 13 pages of study materials on Pharmacology.

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Amino Acids – a Hidden Solution to Stress

by Marshall Swerman

Posted on Monday 30th of March 2009

Evidence has been accumulating that amino acids have a remarkable affect on the body’s ability to deal with stress and with stress related illness Many more illnesses are connected with stress than ...

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Chlamydia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

by James S. Pendergraft

Posted on Tuesday 17th of February 2009

Chlamydia is a common infection which is caused due to sexual transmission The bacterium Chlamydia trachoma is causes this infection

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Stem Cells For Osteoarthritis: I Look Ten Years Younger Since my Facelift… But my Knees Still Feel Their Age… What Can I Do?

by Nathan Wei

Posted on Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

One of the first articles to mention stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis was an article published in the December 2003 article Arthritis and Rheumatism (Murphy JM, et al Arthritis Rheum

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Peanut Butter Fudge: The Perfect Remedy

by Benjamin Bradley

Posted on Saturday 27th of December 2008

Do you have a sweet tooth Are you always craving for chocolate cakes, ice cream, butter scotch, cookies, brownies, and peanut butter fudge

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Great Ways To Reduce Stress At Your Job

by Nigel Smart

Posted on Thursday 19th of November 2009

Work can be a stressful place, and in the right kind of stressful environment, it can almost be unbearable, especially if you have a monotonous, sometimes tedious job, where you perform the same repet...

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The Effects of Resveratrol on Heart Disease and Diabetes

by Tim Cirocco

Posted on Monday 2nd of November 2009

As people live longer, and as lifestyles become less healthy, so-called diseases of affluence are becoming more prevalent in certain areas of the world Heart disease and diabetes can kill, whether sl...

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