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Sample NCLEX-RN Quiz - Safe and Effective Care Environment

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Sample NCLEX-RN Quiz
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Safe and Effective Care Environment

1. A 68-year-old woman is diagnosed with thrombocytopenia due to acute lymphocytic leukemia. She is admitted to the hospital for treatment. The nurse should assign the patient

(A) to a private room so she will not infect other patients and health care workers.
(B) to a private room so she will not be infected by other patients and health care workers.
(C) to a semiprivate room so she will have stimulation during her hospitalization.
(D) to a semiprivate room so she will have the opportunity to express her feelings about her illness.
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2. The nurse teaches a group of mothers of toddlers how to prevent accidental poisoning. Which of the following suggestions should the nurse give regarding medications?

(A) Lock all medications in a cabinet.
(B) Child proof all the caps to medication bottles.
(C) Store medications on the highest shelf in a cupboard.
(D) Place medications in different containers.
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3. While inserting a nasogastric tube, the nurse should use which of the following protective measures?

(A) Gloves, gown, goggles, and surgical cap.
(B) Sterile gloves, mask, plastic bags, and gown.
(C) Gloves, gown, mask, and goggles.
(D) Double gloves, goggles, mask, and surgical cap.
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4. A 6-year-old boy is returned to his room following a tonsillectomy. He remains sleepy from the anesthesia but is easily awakened. The nurse should place the child in which of the following positions?

(A) Sims'.
(B) Side-lying.
(C) Supine.
(D) Prone.
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5. A nursing team consists of an RN, an LPN/LVN, and a nursing assistant. The nurse should assign which of the following patients to the LPN/LVN?

(A) A 72-year-old patient with diabetes who requires a dressing change for a stasis ulcer.
(B) A 42-year-old patient with cancer of the bone complaining of pain.
(C) A 55-year-old patient with terminal cancer being transferred to hospice home care.
(D) A 23-year-old patient with a fracture of the right leg who asks to use the urinal.

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