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Nosocomial Infection

Airbourne precautions

Bioterrorism precautions

Contact precautions

Standard/Universal precautions...[Read More]

 FREE mp3 downloads to help you study for the NCLEX
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 Infectious Disease Guidelines
These pages list selected evidence-based infectious disease guidelines for use in healthcare and public health settings. The listings are not encyclopedic; they include only those guidelines that NCID feels are of particular need or are often requested. Note: Each guideline is listed under the prima...[Read More]

 Study Tips for the NCLEX Exam
Want to use your preparation time for the NCLEX exam most effectively?
Concerned about the actual test experience? Need help getting it all in perspective?

Preparing for and taking a career-milestone test like the NCLEX exam can be quite stressful. But it can also be a confidence-bui...[Read More]

 Increase Your Study Effectiveness with e-Learning Best Practices
Best Practice: A method that has been proven through trial and error to be superior to other methods. The most efficient way to get something done.

Through the generous input of former students of the Learning Extension (see more below), we’ve identified 10 Best Practices that can help ...[Read More]

 Pathophysio - Morbidity of sickle cell disease
This paragraph is only a very schematic overview of a complex clinical situation, varying considerably from one patient to another.

In individuals with sickle cell disease, the triggering mechanism of the pathological manifestations is the polymerization of HbS in red blood cells upon deo...[Read More]

 Nursing interventions
Definition:The nursing action/s intended to relieve or alter a person's responses to actual or potential health problems.

Context:To enable analysis of the interventions within an episode of care, in relation to the outcome of this care, especially when linked with information on the diag...[Read More]

 Anaphysio Presentation
Anatomy & Physiology SlidesView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: nursing lectures)...[Read More]

 Pathophysiology Made Simple
This fast, effective tutorial helps you master core pathophysiological concepts -- from cells injury, inflammation, disease process, infectious diseases, systematic disease processes for all body systems and many more. It will help you get the best possible grade; It breaks down the chapters to simp...[Read More]