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The Effects of Hormonal Changes on the Periodontium

The periodontium is the part of the mouth that is made up of teeth, gums and supporting structures: Gingiva – Your gum Sulcus – The space between your tooth and gum Cementum – The root surface of your tooth Pulp – The center of your tooth root Connective tissue Bone Keeping the periodontium healthy affects overall health and conversely, changes in a person’s overall health or body can affect the periodontium

Implant-Supported Dentures Look, Feel and Function Like Natural Teeth

For many people, dentures—either partial or full—are a reality In fact, statistics show that by the age of seventy-four, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth

Tinnitus Control Review

Tinnitus Control Review Sufferers of tinnitus can get relief and get it now with Tinnitus control Tinnitus Control is an all natural homeopathic remedy for tinnitus

How The Medical Supply Industry Moved From Sterilization To Disposable Supplies?

Patient safety is a primary concern in all healthcare settings, from pediatrician’s offices to ambulances and cancer centers One of the major threats to patients seeking medical care is the risk of nosocomial infections, which are infections caused by treatment in a hospital or other healthcare unit

Being a Lifelong Learner in Style!

“Finishing” one’s education is often considered a necessary landmark to growing up It is an important period, but eventually you have to put it behind you in order to start being a “real” adult

Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

Sometimes when we think about really white teeth we might believe this is just for people who have naturally white teeth but this is not the case and if your teeth have a slightly yellow or brownish colour then cosmetic tooth whitening is likely to improve the colour dramatically The teeth are very complex and adding to this fact everyone’s teeth are different making the exact outcome of cosmetic tooth whitening a difficult thing to predict but if the teeth have darkened over a period of time then they will lighten with whitening

TMJ and TMD Care Provided by Las Vegas Orthodontist

Las Vegas, NV – Your head is home to two of the most complicated joints in your body, notes Dr David Alpan, a Las Vegas NV orthodontics provider

Energy and Magnetics - Let There Be Light (Part 1)

This opening point is important to grasp Generally, it is accepted that a photon cannot perform work, because it has no mass

Why do Cracked Heels Occur and How to Cure Them?

Cracked heels are a very common problem and are often referred as heel fissures Cracked heels are generally caused by xerosis which is nothing but dry skin

An Overview of Statistics

Statistics is a type of mathematical analysis which involves the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data An example of this is the analysis of population characteristics through inference from sampling