Medical Articles

Why People Need to Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease, which people often don’t realize they have It is even possible to have it, get rid of it and not know you had it

The Effects of Weight Loss on Diabetes

The largest risk factor for type 2 diabetes is being overweight Research has found that, of all the individuals who develop type 2 diabetes, eighty to ninety percent of them are overweight

The Dentist

He dentist is a very important doctor in the lives of people Dentists help to keep teeth and gum\'s healthy for their patients

Strep Throat Affects All Ages

Strep throat is a very common illness that occurs in all humans of all ages most often in the winter months It is an infection of the pharynx and possibly the larynx and the tonsils

Self-care For Individuals With Diabetes

A proactive attitude towards your diabetes treatment is crucial in preventing complications Diabetics can’t just delegate their care to their health care provider

Pregnancy and Its Effects

Pregnancy is when a woman is carrying one or more offspring inside her uterus The offspring, before birth, is known as a fetus

What Is A Sports Injury?

Sports injuries are often defined as injuries that are incurred during the participation of a sporting activity or event Although some sports injuries can be instantaneous, like a sudden break, most sports injuries are caused by the long-term overuse of a

What Are Leg Ulcers?

A Leg ulcer is an open wound or sore that can be found on the lower extremities, namely the leg, but these lesions can go as far down as the feet and ankles90% percent of these skin ulcerations are caused by venous insufficiency, otherwise known as varico

Look More Attractive With the Proper Butt Exercises

The derriere of the human body – there has never been a more looked at piece of human equipment on this earth Approval or wanton disapproval, or what ‘attraction specialists’ call the common denominator for that ‘physical purchasing decision’, all centres

Fraxel: Using Cosmetic Lasers

There is an odd theory out there that laser technology was obtained from extraterrestrial beings Well, it\'s obvious where that idea came from, since lasers have been a prevalent presence in Sci-Fi movies for a long time now