Medical Articles

Genital Warts – The Low and High Risk Factors and Causes

Genital warts are one of the most common forms of sexually transmitted disease These warts appear as small flesh-colored bumps that are raised and shaped like cauliflowers

Weslo Treadmill Review - Are Weslo Treadmills a Good Buy For You?

Considering a Weslo treadmill Weslo treadmills are some of the most popular budget treadmills on the market today

Which is Better Hyper-immune Egg Or Colostrum for the Immune System

When a hen lays her eggs she is virtually an antibody-producing factory, as she passively transfers her antibodies and immunoregulatory factors into the egg in order to protect her offspring These eggs are made up of a concentrated source of antibodies an

How to Create Your Own Organic Face and Skin Cream Products

You don\'t have to spend a fortune for a high-quality organic face or hand cream In fact, you can make your own at home with ingredients from your own local organic grocer

Skin Care for the Mature Skin

As we age, our skin needs change To keep skin looking its very best, a woman\'s skin care regimen should change to address the unique needs of each decade

Miracle of the Mineral Baths

As far back as 73 BC

The New Real Estate Trend: Live at the Spa

Spa living – the new trend in real estate – allows those who want to incorporate a holistic approach to living with their actual physical surroundings While spa living may have once denoted something as basic as a golf course community, today\'s spa real

Take the Guesswork Out of the Spa

With more Americans than ever discovering the spa lifestyle, it would appear the road to wellness is a smooth path But there are still those who have yet to discover the benefits to this life-affirming approach to living

Radiant Summer Skin: Uncovering the Beauty Beneath

As summer looms on the horizon, the layers of winter clothes and heavy shoes are discarded for light clothing and flip flops Many of us prepare for summer by discarding our cold-weather duds, but before exposing skin to the elements, offer it a little TLC

Spa Experience Festival Introduces Attendees to the Spa Lifestyle

With one in four American adults having visited a spa, according to the International SPA Association (ISPA), the spa experience plays a significant role in today\'s culture The association has even identified that some consumers consider spa visits as a