Medical Articles

Cysticercosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The pork tapeworm is a parasite which is the main cause of Cysticercosis The scientific name of the tape worm is Taenia solium

Retinal Detachment - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The retina of eyes is attached to the tissues which lie under the eye and the separation of the two is known as retinal detachment The common causes of this situation is the breakage of the retina or the tearing of it

What You Need to Know About Herbal Highs?

Herbal highs are known to be one of the best smoking alternatives that many smokers find it useful to quit their smoking addiction But what’s intriguing here is the fact that this smoking alternative is kind of vague for some people

Some Must-Have Electric Scooter Accessories

Whether you plan to stay at home or venture out, you\'re going to need at least a few basic electric scooter accessories These accessories keep you going, keep you comfortable and make using your scooter easier and more convenient than ever

Dental Care and Its Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease

I was unaware until very recently of the correlation between dental health and diseases of the cardiovascular system There are even studies that place poor dental health ahead of smoking, high cholesterol levels, lack of exercise and obesity as a risk for cardiovascular disease

Back Pain - A Different Approach

You must assess the back pain and decide if it is something you need to see a doctor about or is it something you can resolve yourself We’re talking about your back here, so if you are going to make an error, err on the side of caution

Tattoo Removal Results – What to Expect From Tattoo Removal Creams?

If you are planning to remove your tattoo, it is in your best interest to set your expectation level accordingly For example, if you expect to fade your tattoo into oblivion overnight, you are surely going to be disappointed

Body Art Gone Bad – Exploring the Popularity of Tattoo Removal Creams

The art of tattooing goes back hundreds of years symbolizing a transition into adulthood, the belonging to a particular organization of tribe, or to memorialize a lost loved one However, the history of tattooing also includes those that were tattooed for less serious reasons which sometimes results in the onset of tattoo regret and the need for an effective tattoo removal option including using tattoo removal creams

Choosing the Right Whiteboard For Your School

When it comes to choosing an appropriate whiteboard for use in your classroom it can be difficult to know which is the right option With the increasing popularity of interactive whiteboards it can understandably feel like an intimidating prospect when you have to decide how best to spend your school\'s money

How to Get Online Bachelor’s Degree

Anyone who is without a proper college or bachelor’s degree can understand the fact that without proper degrees, getting a nice job is very difficult They have to face a lot of employment issues as degrees are considered to be very important during job interviews