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Body Art Gone Bad Exploring the Popularity of Tattoo Removal Creams

by : Robert Millan

The art of tattooing goes back hundreds of years symbolizing a transition into adulthood, the belonging to a particular organization of tribe, or to memorialize a lost loved one. However, the history of tattooing also includes those that were tattooed for less serious reasons which sometimes results in the onset of tattoo regret and the need for an effective tattoo removal option including using tattoo removal creams.

Some instances of tattoo regret include the decision to be tattooed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or the spontaneous decision to remember a particular night out on the town. The most common reason for tattoo regret is having someone's name placed on one's body. While there are obvious exceptions to this rule including family members or children's names, the names of boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, best friends, or lovers will often be a reason for seeking out a way to get rid of unwanted body art

Bad Body Art

While removing an unwanted name is a very common reason for regretting a tat, there are many other instances where those with tattoos have come to regret them. For example, sometimes body art just doesn't turn out the way it was intended. While it is possible to fix a tattoo on occasion, it is often the decision of the consumer to remove it completely and start again. While bad body art is more of an exception than a rule, there are just so many things that can go wrong when getting a tat including having a change of heart as soon as the tattoo gun turns on. However, there are thankfully a number of ways one can get rid of unwanted body art.

Tattoo Removal Creams

While many consumers are aware that laser treatments are an effective choice, many are unaware that there are also a variety of tattoo removal creams to choose from. Topical removal products are considered to be the least expensive and least painful removal method. Of course, the downside to using an over-the-counter product is that it will take longer to produce results. However, as the economy continues to remain unstable, consumers are willing to trade time for money. Using a cream or gel based product will typically cost a few hundred dollars once it is all said and done. Compare that to multiple thousands of dollars for laser treatment centers, and it is easy to see why tattoo removal creams have become so popular.

Another reason topical products have become more popular over the last few years is due to their improved safety. The best removal products will not scar or damage the skin. Laser treatments on the other hand run the risk of scarring the skin. This is would be like trading an unwanted tattoo for an unwanted scar which is not a good deal in the eyes of most consumers.

The way tattoo removal creams work is by bringing the layers of the tattooed skin to the surface and then fading away the inks. If you choose to use a tattoo removal cream, be careful not to buy products which contain harmful ingredients such as Hydroquinone. This ingredient in particular has been linked to cancer and is thankfully only used in a small handful of tattoo removal creams.