What You Need to Know About Herbal Highs?

by Tom Perkin

Posted on Wednesday 12th of October 2011

Herbal highs are known to be one of the best smoking alternatives that many smokers find it useful to quit their smoking addiction. But what’s intriguing here is the fact that this smoking alternative is kind of vague for some people. Well, these people don’t completely know of what herbal high is all about. As the word implies, herbal highs are smoking alternatives that purely made up of herbal plants. And these smoking alternatives are very much safer because it has no nicotine.

Herbal highs are actually known for the past existing years. It was so happen that many people around the globe have been using herbal highs for their own reasons. Some of them use it as aphrodisiac, pain alleviation, get a sort of ‘high’ feeling, and make it as their smoking alternative. With many other reasons, one thing is for sure: people are cautious about using herbal highs.

There is a great demand of herbal highs among smokers who want to end their nicotine addiction. It has been found out that herbal smoking alternative is the best solution for smokers who can’t easily get rid of the smoking habit. Well, herbal highs stop smoking addiction by controlling the craving of smoker to smoke tobacco and cigarette. Replacing the nicotine in the body with herbal elements such as sagebrush, lemon balm, mint and salvia sages kills the craving for smoking.

To give credit, herbal highs help smokers to easily quit their addiction. It cannot be denied that all smokers went through the withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking. These withdrawal symptoms are mainly about psychological aspect. Most smokers find it hard to overcome the ‘dictation’ on their minds to not leave smoking habits. But with herbal high smoking, this is not a problem anymore for it allows the smoker to smoke without getting any nicotine that causes addiction.

One misconception about herbal high is the assumption that it is a smoking substitute. Herbal highs are actually smoking alternatives, and definitely not a smoking substitute. One of the good things about these smoking alternatives is the fact that it has good smell with different fragrances and never fails to give the same effects of cigarette minus the nicotine content.

Everything has its downside, and herbal highs are not of exemption. Despite of many testimonies about how good herbal highs are, it still remains the fact that it is used as smoking and lungs will be affected by it. Though it does not contain any nicotine but the smoke is enough to affect someone’s lungs.

Unlike any other kinds of chemical drugs and narcotics, herbal high elements do not stay on its user’s body for a long period of time. It is easy for the body to remove all herbal smoking elements compare with the traditional cigarette. It is because herbal smoking alternatives are nicotine free. In addition, it is not advisable for someone to mix herbal highs with other drugs for it will surely cause side effects. It must be safety first before anything else.

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