Tinnitus Control Review

by Brandi Yates

Posted on Friday 7th of October 2011

Tinnitus Control Review

Sufferers of tinnitus can get relief and get it now with Tinnitus control. Tinnitus Control is an all natural homeopathic remedy for tinnitus. This over-the-counter, non-prescription medication is readily available online and they offer a free sample trial pack.

About the Company

Formed in 2002, Tinnitus Control is a known and trusted name brand in the health and beauty industry. A proud member of the NPA (Natural Products Association), Tinnitus Control is recognized as a leader in products that increase the quality of life.

Tinnitus Control employs research practices that are unequalled in the industry. Combined with using the finest ingredients from all over the world, this results in a product that you can trust implicitly to do what it claims.

About the Drug

Tinnitus Control is an all natural remedy for a condition that afflicts some 50 million Americans. The folks at Tinnitus Control now that there is no "magic"single step remedy for the condition, so this one has a two step formula that is tested and known to work. The first step is to get the ringing to stop, and then step two is to keep it quiet - PERIOD.

This is accomplished using a suite of natural ingredients that are available without a prescription. These include:

* Arnica 30x

* Chinium sulphuricum

* Ferrum metallicum

* Kali phosphoricum

* Natrum sulphuricum

* Pulsatilla

* Silcea

* Thiosinaminum

All of these are non-controlled substances and can be bought without a doctor's prescription over the counter. Each has a specific area of use and are all utilizable in other medical conditions, either in combinations or individually. However, when applied in this complete combination, the result is a stop to the ringing in the ears. This effect is permanent, but daily maintenance is needed after the initial dosages have been administered.

What the Drug Does?

Tinnitus Control is a two step procedure. First, the treatment stops the ringing in the ears and relieves the symptoms. This could be the buzzing, ringing or other persistent noise in the auditory canal. Then a daily maintenance is required to keep the noise away permanently. Since all the materials used in Tinnitus Control are natural and homeopathic, no doctor is required unless the symptoms become significant or increase in intensity.

Is it Safe?

Tinnitus Control is absolutely safe to use and is entirely FDA approved.


Tinnitus Control is a safe and viable solution for the millions of Americans suffering from Tinnitus. It is safe and has been tested by the FDA and approved for human use across the board. Current user testimonials are readily available at the website any time. All users have reported positive results with relatively no negative comments.

As always, before using any drug or treatment, you should consult with a doctor first. He/she can monitor your progress and advise you accordingly.

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