Teeth Whiter But Still Not As White As I Would Like

by Jason Scott Edworthy

Posted on Monday 3rd of October 2011

Everyone’s teeth are different but one thing which is the same is the way the teeth collect staining and change colour over many years of consuming things like tea and coffee.

Amazingly this staining can be removed by teeth whitening but nothing is going to change the natural colour of the dentin and this is why not everyone’s teeth will go ultra white.

Under the enamel sits the dentin and this is the part of the tooth which people have differing levels of colouration. Teeth whitening will typically only cleanse the enamel and will not get quite as deep as the dentin so this does not change colour at all.

Do not get me wrong you will see a nice uplift in the colour of the teeth but if you are looking for the type of whiteness we see on TV then think again as many of the stars have the whitest veneers fitted over their teeth.

This level of whiteness then creates very high expectations and this is when some individuals can get a little disappointed after whitening but it is just a case of realigning expectations. If you go back to when you are younger and you remember you had slightly creamy coloured teeth then it is likely you will end up with that as the end result and not the pure white colour.

For some people who remember they had white coloured teeth it is normally because they are a lot whiter than friends and family and this is why they remember them! After whitening for these people then the teeth will go pure white again after tooth whitening.

The other thing that will change the course of whitening is the time span and effort you put in to it. For example using a basic home kit a couple of times is not going to whiten the teeth as you will need to use regularly to really get the white look and start seeing a difference to the teeth.

Also for deeper staining you will need to look at a more powerful solution like laser whitening as this will lift or extract the staining more efficiently than a lighter cheaper option as the heat and light from the unit works with the gel and the oxygen to really whiten the teeth and get deep in the enamel which is what is required for darker heavier stained teeth.

Any improvement is better than the current position but just keep it real and do not expect miracles because a few shades whiter is not going to change your teeth to look like Cheryl Cole!

Teeth whitening products and services continue to get better but there will always be a limit which is really down to how your teeth are designed and how the colour you see is made up. If it is staining then you will get better results that if it is the enamel but the challenge is you cannot know that by looking at the teeth! Good luck.

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