Some Must-Have Electric Scooter Accessories

by Jill Stark

Posted on Wednesday 12th of October 2011

Whether you plan to stay at home or venture out, you're going to need at least a few basic electric scooter accessories. These accessories keep you going, keep you comfortable and make using your scooter easier and more convenient than ever.

Spare and/or Car Battery Charger

Whether you have an older model battery or a new airline-safe dry cell battery, you must have a way to charge it. You'll naturally get a charger when you get your scooter, but it's a great idea to have a spare charger and maybe even one that will charge your battery in a vehicle. If you travel, these are necessities because you never know when you might be separated from a suitcase or your regular battery charger. Having a spare could save a trip and help you make sure you can get where you need to go.

Multifold Ramps and Suitcase Ramps

You'll need one of these ramps sooner or later if you leave your house much at all. These ramps fold up to make them easier to take with you and unfold to give you a flat surface to get over small obstacles and up or down a step or two. Many people also use these ramps to help get an empty scooter in and out of a vehicle. Some are named suitcase ramps because they fold to about the height of a suitcase and come with a carry handle.

A Personal Rain Cover and Canopy

These personal covers are wonderful to have on rainy days. These cover you and extend down far enough to protect you from rain because they're actually garments that you wear while riding in your power chair. A canopy is useful all the time -- not just on rainy days. It will help protect you from the rain, but also shade you from the sun and even serve as a bit of a wind-block. Choose a model that allows a lot of air to pass through so that you can stay cooler when it's sunny and hot.

A Scooter Cover

This fabric, nylon or plastic cover protects your electric scooter from rain and other weather. If there's even a chance you might have to leave your scooter outside, such as when it's being hauled in an open trailer, you'll want to use a cover to protect your investment.

Storage Compartments

A seatback bag that hangs on the back of your seat, an armrest bag and a bag or basket to go in front of your scooter are ideal for holding the things you want to be able to reach like snacks, a bottle of water, a map or other items. You can also use them to carry a small amount of groceries or anything you need to take with you. But if you plan to store anything you can't do without, particularly when you're traveling, opt for an under-seat glove box. In an unfamiliar place, especially one where people tend to prey on tourists by grabbing purses and pick-pocketing, an under-seat box will put your items safely out of reach of passers-by.

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