Private Home Tuition - Learning Solutions

by Francis Teo

Posted on Monday 3rd of October 2011

Singapore is one of the busiest cities on the planet. In this dynamic, high profile, expensive city, it is common for both parents to work. At the same time, this thriving metropolis places a high emphasis on education. The balance between active wage earners, family life and children that want to advance educationally is delicate.

To bridge this span, families are utilizing the private home tuition program that connects tutors with children seeking improvement with their academic endeavors. Unlike the stretched public educational system, home tutors are able to spend quality, focused, one-on-one time with their students.

Home tuition is a flexible program that allows families to select a time that works for the student. As the tutoring takes place in the house, the learning environment is user friendly.

All students have different needs. Some tutors are asked to work with students on specialties like foreign languages or mathematics or college level statistics. Other students, especially younger students, need more general assistance or work on study habits and discipline. Whatever the age of the student or the need, private home tutors are available to help.

Families should take their time choosing their private home tutor. The relationship between the student and the tutor is special. The family is in the best position to evaluate the personality, educational needs and the study habits of the student. The family should be pro-active in the selection of the tutor and never forget that the tutor is often an important role model for the student.

Families should enquire about the educational credentials of the tutor, evaluate the tutor’s prior experiences and be aggressive about checking references. After all, the tutor represents a significant investment that has multiple benefits for the child, but the tutor-student relationship must be a good fit. A poor selection can do a great deal of harm whereas a good selection can yield years of gratifying educational results.

When determining the child’s needs, set realistic goals and be realistic in assessing the student’s strengths and weaknesses. For students that already have excellent learning habits and good achievement records, certain private home tuition programs offer group home tuition.

Home tuition is a wonderful opportunity to experience new educational challenges. The relationship between the home tutor and the student is almost as special as the lifelong benefits that the private home tuition program provides. If you want your child to enjoy these benefits, check into the home tuition agencies at your earliest convenience.

However, it is important to do your research into which agencies are the most reputable. You can check on the internet or ask friends and family to recommend a good tuition agency for you, so you'll have the best chance of landing the best tutor who can motivate and educate your child to excel.

A mistake here could be costly, as most good tutors charge a premium rate. When grades are concerned, it's best not so be stingy and get the best experienced and competent tutor available.

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