Do Natural Acne Treatments Really Work?

by Niall Roche

Posted on Monday 10th of October 2011

For most people who suffer from moderate to severe acne, the constant trips to the drugstore to try the latest and greatest new acne medications can be exhausting and disappointing. After years and years of suffering from acne, you start to lose faith that anything will work to remove your acne and let your skin get back to being normal and clear. But there are some other options that you may not yet have tried - natural acne treatments.

We have all tried all the usual over-the-counter treatments, but most of these are not for severe acne but for mild acne that occurs during your teenage years. For adults who have chronic and severe acne, benzoyl peroxide treatments do not work. All they do is dry out the skin, cause redness and swelling, and make you look even worse than you did with just acne alone.

But by trying natural acne treatments, you may find that they have fewer side effects and are a little easier on your system. There are two main types of natural treatments - topical lotions, oils, or creams, and vitamin- or mineral-based oral treatments. Sometimes, a combination of the two will be necessary to get the kind of results you want.

You are probably tired of all the magic potions that are supposed to get rid of your acne, the ones you see on infomercials and the ones that are advertised endlessly in magazines. But natural acne treatments work a lot differently than over-the-counter or even prescription topical medications do. First of all, because they are natural, they have fewer side effects. Tea tree oil, for instance, is great for moderate acne and has very few side effects, although it should not be used if you have rosacea.

Glycolic acid, which is the natural alternative to salicylic acid, is a sugar-based drying agent that helps to get rid of dry skin and let your skin "breathe" better. It helps to unclog your pores and will also help your skin become free of bacteria and the infection that can be caused by that blockage.

As far as internal solutions go, zinc is probably the most used vitamin or mineral supplement for people who have acne. Zinc helps your skin heal and reduces inflammation. You may also take a look at your vitamin D intake. Most people with acne tend to stay out of the sun because of the threat of scarring, so they get much less vitamin D than the average person. By increasing your vitamin D orally, you will also help your skin to heal quicker and better.

There are many natural acne treatments, some of which will work for you and some of which won't. Like all acne medications, there is no secret, magic pill that works for everyone. However, with a little patience, some trial and error, and a little more time, you should be able to find a treatment or several treatments that finally help you to regain control of your acne and present a clean, fresh face to the public.

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