White Light or Blue Light Teeth Whitening

by Jason Scott Edworthy

Posted on Tuesday 27th of September 2011

Something that people often ask is what is the difference between the blue light and the white light teeth whitening systems so here we try and help you understand.

When whitening the teeth the powerful combination of the teeth whitening gel, the lamp (blue or white)! And the oxygen can transform the colour of the teeth in a very short period of time, well around one hour to be more precise.

This is why the light based teeth whitening systems are very popular because of the short time period they whiten the teeth and this makes this system very appealing to many people and the results are instant so no waiting around.

Now the light does play an important part because it applies some gentle heat in to the area of the teeth which allows the whitening to happen much more quickly than without any light being used to whiten the teeth.
The colour whether blue or white does not really matter that much. The power of the light is more important as a strong light will emit more light and heat and make the oxidisation process even more efficient resulting in whiter teeth.

Sometimes though having really strong whitening gels and really powerful whitening lights will result in sensitivity and the gel will get deep in to the pores and aggravate the nerves and this is what creates the pain. Generally speaking the sensitivity will be gone in three to four days but the whiter teeth will last for much longer!

After whitening the teeth will appear much whiter in colour and this can help you in so many ways in our everyday lives. This will range from smiling to a stranger in the street to meeting old friends and the whiter smile makes us look healthier and more attractive as well.

When having laser teeth whitening treatment for the first time you will need to keep your expectations open as not everyone gets teeth that looks like the famous Hollywood stars they might see on the big and small screen as many of these will have veneers or will have teeth whitening done regularly and stay on top of the staining. First timers will get a big lift but for very deep stains it can take a little while to really brighten the teeth.

Teeth whitening of any kind is no substitute for good dental health care and requires you to keep seeing the dentist every six months. Sometimes we see the teeth look white and healthy and we think well my teeth and gums look and feel ok so i wont bother to see my dentist or take the – it isn’t broken so don’t fix it mentality and prevention is better than cure with the teeth!

So after you now sport a white beaming new grin what is next? Keeping the grin. You will need to have periodic laser top up treatments to keep the teeth looking white and keep the staining away and help maintain that smile!

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