Tinnitus Natural Care

by Ryan Paulin

Posted on Saturday 24th of September 2011

According to studies by National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), about 12 percent of people around 65 to 74 years of age experience hissing, roaring or buzzing sounds or noises in one or both their ears. This is said to be due to hearing loss which accompanies old age. Aside from people around those age though, anyone could actually experience these sounds at some points of their lives. Yes, even younger ones could experience these sounds due to other physiological factors such as diabetes, tumor, head or neck injury, thyroid problems and more.

So whether you are young or old, man or women, this article is for you. This could help you understand Tinnitus, its causes and remedies or treatment.

Tinnitus is the term used to those noises or sounds that you can hear in one or both of your ears or those that originates from the head. These could be in the form of crackling, buzzing, roaring, hissing, and high-pitched ringing sounds. While some of the head sounds are normal and tolerable, other sounds could be irritating and sometimes come with pain. And while some tinnitus sufferers consider this condition as a nuisance that can treat itself, others suffer from it permanently. Others may also experience it so severely that it interferes with their daily activities already.

Remedies for Tinnitus greatly vary depending on the cause of the condition; what works for one person may not bring relief to another. Hence, tinnitus patients must really seek professional help first before going through a treatment course. Given the case that the person experiences tinnitus because of a more serious illness, he or she should be treated for the underlying illness first. Treating the primary disease could eventually bring relief to those sounds in the ear.

Assuming that tinnitus is a single disease; there are other natural remedies that can address this problem. Although some of these treatments haven’t been concluded for effectiveness by studies, some sufferers have noted the profound relief that they bring. So here now are some of the methods that you could try:

• Alternative therapy. This includes magnet therapy, hypnosis, hyperbaric oxygen and acupuncture that can address the pain and discomfort that tinnitus bring.

• Aromatherapy. If blood circulation is the cause of tinnitus, natural care remedies include the use of four essential oils: lemon, cypress, rose and rosemary.

• Herbs. Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorn, Black Cohosh and Melatonin are just some of the herbs used by holistic healers to treat a wide range of health concerns. Aside from tinnitus, these herbs are also essential in treating depression, headache, dizziness and more.

• Relaxation therapies. Stress is proven to cause tinnitus to worsen. Hence, relaxation methods and stress relievers such as meditation, message therapy and yoga are beneficial in relieving tinnitus pain and discomfort.

• Sound therapy. This method is used to mask the disturbing noises that tinnitus make.

• Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). The method is a counseling approach that teaches tinnitus patients how to divert their attention from the involuntary effects of tinnitus.

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