Regulating Home Tuition

by Ted Mosbi

Posted on Friday 2nd of September 2011

We are referring to a situation where you tutor your child at home. The parent opting for a home tuition must take this word “discipline” as a sincere concern. During such home tuition, the child often tends to takes different meaning of such tuition and takes it just as a long vacation and enjoys it at whatever price. This temperament needs early discipline so that it does not become a habit and making it a whole failure.

Home tuition is customizable as per your needs. You and your child are going to decide when you are going to study, and which place. As mentioned your child too has decision power on when and where to study, and hence such decision should be made early to avoid any wrong conclusion at child side. However, if the student is too young to be a part of such a decision, it’s you who are going to make a time table for study and you must follow it. This is because when there is no external body to mentor your child and you know there is no examination entity going to take test of your child, there are chances you might not stick to the time table you prepared yourself and hence the best practice is to follow the schedule strictly, or say, practice what you preach.

There may be a different case where child is mature enough and can well participate in planning. In such cases, consult your child and think of best time for tutoring, what he would like to learn and what technique he may like to be applied. Once you have the list in hand, go by your experience and make a feasible time table that suits both of you.

Plus, some schools who follow strict education system give homework to their student and as a general assumption, if a student is taking tuition it is expected that homework becomes a part of these tuition. So, you must ensure that your child keenly sits and completes all assignments.

You must closely observe your child’s temperament since what he would be learning at early age would become behavior eventually. Unlike at school where your child would automatically try to copy important elements of his peers and teacher, while at home, you will need to monitor your child yourself and keep on correcting him at right instances where you find the behavior to be unsatisfactory. This will keep a check on your child’s speaking habits and overall behavior at home.

For home tutoring, the location where study needs to be carried out should be specified. And the child must reach the study location on time as decided with all required study documents and stationary. Don’t be that easy on child that he takes undue advantage and turn the study location into playground. Please must not forget, it’s you only who are going to mentor your child in all aspects, and thus must enter the study area in professional manner and stick to the laid down principles.

At last its home where you are conducting this tuition. In such atmosphere, where child lives his joy life, it sometimes gets difficult for a child to be focused and discipline, after all its home. At these times, you might tend to lose your patience. To avoid such situation, you must give your child a breather and same time you must enjoy too.

What you should know is that home tutoring is not an easy task. The known surroundings does not allow child to concentrate on work and easily vulnerable to indiscipline. But if you are striving to achieve your goals with precautionary measures, the results of home tutoring would be rewarding.

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