Overcoming Panic Attacks

by Robert Corter

Posted on Monday 12th of September 2011

One of the ways to deal with an issue is to determine the cause or root of such issue. This also applies when it comes to overcoming panic attacks. Besides getting familiar with the cause of your panic attack and dealing with it, there are also some tips that can help you overcome panic attacks.

When it feels like you want to have a panic attack; here are some things you should remember to help you overcome the situation:

* The feelings are mere exaggerations of the usual bodily reaction to stressful moments; it doesn’t matter how intense and frightening the feeling may seem. Perceiving the feelings this way will help you overcome an impending panic attack sooner than you imagined.

* Also tell yourself that the feelings cannot harm you and they are not likely to happen no matter how frightening they may look.

* When you have a premonition of a panic attack, or panic buildup, take deep breath continuously and consciously ease the emotion as you do so. Just tell yourself that you can handle the situation and before you realize what is happening, you are in control of the situation.

* Try to make yourself relaxed when such feelings of fright and bewilderment are ushered in. Find a relaxing position such as leaning back on a supportive object, or find a sitting position for yourself when panic attack signal is all over you. Avoid giving in to the fear by trying to escape. For instance, if you are in a store, instead of escaping into your car and driving off in fear, ask anyone around to help you settle in a quiet corner; just stay there and take some deep breathes while calming yourself with the thought that it is only a mere feeling that is not real. It works!

* When you feel like having an attack, it is not time to indulge in self pity as this can worsen the situation. It also helps to think the opposite way at that moment. What I mean is this, instead of thinking that you will pass out or die that moment, let your thoughts be enveloped with positivity such as “I will soon be fine”. As soon as you start wading off the frightening thoughts, you will start getting better and eventually you will overcome the panic attack.

* Another thing you need to do at that moment is to think of someone who have overcome panic attack and tell yourself that you can also conquer your fear. Staying as positive as possible both in your thoughts and actions will help you conquer the panic attack that threatened.

* Also, don’t isolate yourself at such times when it seems you are gripped with panic; associate with other people around and do things that will distract you from those frightening thoughts.

Keeping the right attitude and disposition is the best way to conquer a panic attack. If you experience these frightening feelings often, you may need to consult an expert or get in touch with those who once suffered the dilemma but have now overcome it. Their experience will also help you.

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