A Glimpse of Gleaning the Benefits of the School Uniform Advantage by Attending Private School

by Adrianna Norton

Posted on Sunday 4th of September 2011

What does it mean when someone says a person has the school uniform advantage? A couple of explanations come to mind.

The first one is that it refers to the student having an easier time at school if he's required to wear the same clothing as everyone else at his school. In this respect, when all are the same, a child is less apt to be singled out for ridicule by the rest of his peers - as it levels the playing field, so to speak. And, this explanation would be correct.

However, a deeper one is that a person who attends private school - and gets that top of the line education - is better prepared for life, overall. Moreover, he will have more opportunities open to him, because of his training - then say, another who attended only public school for his education. But why is this so? Well, read on for some of the top reasons from a list of many:

Because private institutions are "small town" - especially compared to the overcrowded "big city" public education system - their student roster tends to stay the same, from the entry level grades, to graduation. This means teachers get to the know the students on a more personal level - and are more likely to extend themselves in assisting them in their classes. This often forges a bond between them that just isn't seen amid the hustle and bustle of a public education.

Moreover, this connection is an important one for a young person to have, especially as he struggles through those "awkward" growing years - when things, in general, are a bit out of whack. But, if that student has been instilled with a sense of his own self-worth, he is then free to concentrate on his school work, in addition to becoming inspired to live up to the expectations of those who've shown that belief in him. He might then actually seek knowledge for its own sake - instead of just "scratching the surface" to avoid getting hassled by the grown-ups.

Private schools are still able to offer those elective classes in music, art, and other cultural studies, that are so needed to help a young person express himself naturally. Sadly, over the recent years, public schools have had to cut most of them completely from their catalogs - due to their lack of funds to spend on many of the extras. The exclusive institutions, however, continue to receive monetary replenishment - in the form of tuition fees, and cash gifts from private benefactors - and therefore, aren't obligated to have to make choices they can't do anything about.

Another advantage is that these institutions encourage their student's parents to be involved in anything, and everything, regarding their child's education - and then some. From their being kept in the loop in regards to their child's progress, to jumping in and helping to raise extra money in other ways, parents are considered to be an asset to the school, instead of being seen as a nuisance, like they often are in the public sectors.

And one of the best arguments to get "the school uniform advantage" by going to a private campus, is that most of the students - from first year entry, to their exit on graduation - know that their main goal is to find, and be accepted into a great college - which will further prepare them for a successful life ahead. So, now you can see why this advantage makes good sense - as these days, young people need all the advantages they can get.

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