Why Should You Go For Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal?

by Seomul Evans

Posted on Wednesday 31st of August 2011

Nonsurgical vasectomy also known as no scalpel vasectomy is one of the safest and the most convenient procedures introduced by modern medicine practitioners that has given the conventional microsurgical vasectomy a run for its money. The technique was invented by a Chinese surgeon and finally reached American hospitals in 1988. One of the reasons for its astounding popularity is the fact the surgery can be performed without an incisions.

What is the Surgery All About?

The technique is famous for the ay in which it is performed, instead of making an incision which is normally made in surgical procedures and results in excessive bleeding, infection, scratching etc; this simple method leaves a tiny mark. The scalpel is not used at all; instead of making a slit a small hole is made that is used to separate the tubes and the opening is then closed. This procedure is not only simple to perform but also equally uncomplicated to reverse through microscopic vasectomy reversal.

There are no risks of bleeding, subsequent infection, extraordinary inflammation etc and the healing is significantly faster because the wound is the opening is very small, this decreases the vulnerability from open wounds. A microsurgical vasectomy reversal is also performed in the same way but in this procedure the two ends of the tube are found through the tiny opening and the micro surgeon than joins the two severed ends with the help of a microscope and tiny sutures.

One of the reasons for the easy reversal of microsurgical vasectomy is the lower potential for the development of scar tissue when a microsurgical procedure is performed. Anther benefit of opting for microsurgical procedures is the cost factor; these procedures are significantly cheaper than conventional vasectomy and reversal surgeries.

Does it Really Matter:

If you are going to consider a vasectomy reversal in future opting for a microsurgical procedure initially will be akin to keeping your options open. Also; the risk of an infection and fluid build up is substantially reduced in microsurgical vasectomy and reversal procedures.

The Sex After The Surgery:

Very few people would opt for a vasectomy or a reversal procedure if they would not want to eliminate pregnancy or have children in future respectively. With a vasectomy reversal and the initial vasectomy surgery; it s common for men to feel some discomfort and even slight pain the first few times. If you are considering a vasectomy you need to understand that even though the success rate of vasectomy reversals is quite high; they cannot always be reversed but if a vasectomy reversal procedure is successful; you can have children in future. This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend a microsurgical vasectomy because reversing it is considerably simpler.

The Alternatives: There are several alternatives to both vasectomy and the reversal procedures. If you are looking for a temporary form of contraception, never choose vasectomy instead go for condoms or birth control pills. If you want to have children in future, you can do so after a vasectomy reversal procedure or if it's not successful you can go for invitro fertilization or adoption.

How Can You Pay For The Procedures?

Unfortunately a vasectomy surgery is significantly cheaper than the vasectomy reversal procedure. However, you cannot get an insurance company to cover these procedures because they are considered elective. The charge of a vasectomy reversal procedure can be quite step at $4000 to $20,000 depending on your specific circumstances, the clinic, surgeon and the city in which you get the procedure done.

Unfortunately, there is a small margin of failure associated even with vasectomy surgeries such as recanalization where the tubes connect spontaneously resulting in a pregnancy after a vasectomy. And there is a margin of failure associated with vasectomy reversal procedures as well particularly in cases where ten or more years have passed since the vasectomy.

Finally, it is essential to get the procedure performed by a skilled and experienced micro surgeon so that there are no complications

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