The Hopes of Teeth Whitening

by Jason Scott Edworthy

Posted on Monday 8th of August 2011

When some people go in to having their teeth whitening for the first time there can be high hopes of the desired results and sometimes these results can be achieved and other times expectations are set too high.

So what is a realistic expectation when looking to whiten the teeth?
Well normally with tooth whitening once the staining has been extracted from the enamel what you are left with is the natural colour of the teeth. This base line colouration is underpinned typically by the colour of our dentin and this is very difficult to change with every day whitening.

A good example of this is when you might have a tooth with a greyish or black colour. This is typically when the tooth has suffered some stress and has suffered nerve damage which is seen through the clearer coloured enamel. Whitening will be able to change the colour of a nerve damaged tooth and therefore highlights the point about how white the teeth will become.

Now almost everyone’s teeth can be whitened so all we are talking about here is realistic expectations or outcome after the whitening. Now for some individuals this might just be just be a lifting of the teeth to an end result that is brighter and whiter but not pure white. For others who have lots of staining plus the whiter coloured dentin described earlier then the results will be much more noticeable when concluded.

For smokers the staining is easier to remove and tends to be reveal a big difference. This is because the nicotine impregnates the enamel and over a period of time gets deep in the teeth and makes them look yellow in colour. This is easier to remove because it tends to sit on the upper layers of the enamel and therefore once the pores are opened the staining lifts out easier.

Whitening is a good thing and will help reveal a much healthier smile but let’s not forget the basic dental healthcare basics which are avoiding lots of sugars and acidic drinks etc, ensuring regular brushing and stick to seeing your dentist every six months. People sometimes sacrifice dental health for whiter teeth but the two actually work together better and more effectively.

Something like zoom whitening is a good option or power whitening which are both light based systems which can whiten the teeth in a much shorter period then the tray based system. Many different systems and brand are available but in the main they work in a similar way and as described above work to differing outcomes which are not reflective of the quality of the system but the individuals teeth and therefore back to the original point keep your expectations open and do not expect to have a Hollywood smile unless you want to invest a lot of money in veneers and this will guarantee to give you the bright white we see on celebs and sometimes expect with a teeth whitening treatment. Any good luck and I hoped this helped.

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