Surgery Options for the Removal of Genital Warts

by Matthew McMillan

Posted on Sunday 28th of August 2011

you have genital warts you will want to remove it at home, This is not a easy task and this requires a lot of patience. As the name says genital warts appear in very sensitive parts of the body – genitals and so one has to be very careful and safe so that the treatment does not affect the private parts of the body. The removal of genital warts has been practiced by many doctors, surgeons and even by many quacks who claim to be experts in removing genital warts.

In today’s world, finding a good doctor or surgeons who know how to remove genital warts is very difficult to find. You will find many amateurs posing as experts in the removal of genital warts. So, how to find a good doctor or surgeon who can do the removal of genital warts with great precision? The answer is simple—you need to get good references from people who have already been treated by a good doctor. Many a times, when you have a reference from a friend or relative then half your work is done.

Most of the doctors or surgeons will first try out genital wart medications for the removal of the genital warts. If the medications fail, then they may go in for other methods such as:
o Laser surgery
o Cryosurgery
o Electrocautery

The doctor or surgeon that one sees will decide on the treatment depending on the budget of patient. Medicines is considered to be a very cheap way of treatment, however this takes a longer time and you need a lot of patience for this. There is a more success rate for patients who used the such as laser surgery, Cryosurgery, and Electrocautery compared to those to take the medications.

Most of the doctors and surgeons suggest the laser surgery. In this method the doctors use lasers to cut off the genital warts. Most of the cases are successful in the laser method. When the genital warts are many and have spread to places where, it is hard to reach, then doctors will prefer the laser treatment.

The name laser surgery is feared by many because of the cutting properties of the laser beams. The main fear is that the laser beam might cut into the skin and cause damage, which is not the fact at all. The laser beams are so accurate that they cut the blood supply of the genital warts and do not damage the skin or the adjacent organs. After the laser treatment the patient recovers much faster when compared to the other surgical treatments.

There are a few drawbacks of the laser surgery. The first drawback is that is very costly when compared with the other treatments and the second drawback is that that most of the laser treatments are painful and can sometimes leave a scar on the operated area.

Cryosurgery is another surgical method that is used by doctors and surgeons these days. The word Cryo is derived from a Greek word which means ice cold. Thus, cryosurgery is a method in which includes the freezing of genital warts to sub-zero temperatures. This temperature is attained using liquid nitrogen. The main concept behind this treatment is to kill the wart tissue by freezing it. This method ensures that the wart tissue is completely dies off and prevents the further growth or infection.

In the Electrocautery method, an electric current is used to kill the warts. Sounds scary, but it’s true. The heat that is radiated from the electric current is so strong that it burns off the warts. This method is completely safe and does not involve much pain. The doctor or surgeon who does this treatment must not only an expert with the treatment but also should have sound knowledge of electronics.

If the patient who is suffering from genital warts does not want to undergo any operation, then the doctors give high doses of genital wart medication. The major drawback of these types of medications is the side effects. Most of the times, the side effects of the genital wart medications are bearable and don’t need much medical care. However, if the side effects cannot be tolerated, then it is imperative that the patient conveys it to the doctor.

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