Online Network Support Education

by Renata McGee

Posted on Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

Companies run off of technology so having correctly working computers and programs is vital. Even with the technology aspect completely integrated into a business most employees are stumped when it comes to computer malfunctions and failures. Entering a career in this technical atmosphere can be obtained through an online education in network support provided by colleges and universities.

A network is what links all the computers of a business together. This makes having a properly working network a high priority. Networks provide the ability to send, receive, and store information. These capabilities work with a company’s goals by allowing them to work towards the best possible productivity.

- Professionals are needed when a network ceases to function or is malfunctioning.
- When problems occur a professional assesses the situation and works to fix it.
- Performing troubleshooting procedures and diagnostic testing gives a qualified individual the information they need to work out a solution to get a network back on track.
- Solutions can range from installing new software to managing a network in order to keep it running at its full potential.

Students are able to learn how to perform these duties and more through online education. General coursework may include information on:

- operating systems
- support options
- programming
- installing software programs

These courses are just a few of the topics covered by a typical program. Training focuses on working with networks in a number of ways to prepare students with the knowledge to provide the highest level of service.

Students have many options when it comes to deciding on an educational path to take.

- A large number of students seek out certificate programs to give them more in depth knowledge of the field.
- Stepping into a degree program gives students the opportunity to earn an increased salary and obtain advanced careers.
- Students can choose programs from an associate’s degree to a master’s degree.

Certificate programs are a great way to begin education because there are no prerequisites and students don’t have to devote a large amount of time to study. Cisco Certified Network Associate is a common available program that teaches students essential knowledge. Having this certification shows an employer that an individual has proven proficient in:

- installing
- constructing
- managing
- troubleshooting

Course topics include:
- following procedures
- handling security threats
- connecting wireless networks

Upon completion of this type of certificate students are required to take an exam to become professionally certified. Working through a program can prepare students to enter the work environment or continue to higher education.

An associate of science in network support is a popular choice for earning an education. The reason for this is that it quickly qualifies students to enter entry-level jobs. Many students work in the field and continue education at the bachelor’s degree level. Courses prepare students to work with:

- operating systems
- network technologies
- computer applications.

In an associate’s degree program students work through professional certifications like CompTIA A+ and Cisco Certified Network, which provide the correct knowledge to work professionally.

Earning an education can have students working for small and large corporations performing valued assistance inside the workplace. A wide selection of career opportunities wait for graduated students because the need for network support technicians continues to grow as technology expands. Take advantage of this career field by selecting a program and train in becoming a network support technician today.

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