Los Angeles Invisalign Provider Uses TADS For Successful Orthodontic Treatment

by Atoosa Nikaeen

Posted on Tuesday 2nd of August 2011

LOS ANGELES AND SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA-- When treatment modalities come about that can eliminate the need for surgery or lessen the level of patient compliance required to ensure successful treatment, orthodontists take notice.

Temporary anchorage devices - TADs- address both of those issues, said Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen, who owns a Los Angeles orthodontics practice.

Also known as mini-implants, micro-screws, mini-screws, and temporary orthodontic implants, Nikaeen, a Los Angeles braces expert, uses them to move teeth into optimum position to achieve proper alignment without having to move adjacent teeth.

TADs are tiny titanium alloy screws that provide anchorage once they are placed into the alveolar process. Placing a TAD is a simple surgical procedure that can be done painlessly in an oral surgeon’s or an orthodontist’s office by using a local anesthetic. They are removed once treatment is completed, said Nikaeen, a Los Angeles orthodontist.
The patient benefits from the incorporation of TADs into their orthodontic treatment in a couple ways, she said. Prior to TADs, orthodontists required patients to wear head gear to achieve the proper movement necessary to align the teeth and the success of that depended on patient compliance. The use of TADs has eliminated the need for head gear in some treatment cases. The use of TADs also often results in a shorter treatment period.

“It’s no secret that patients want optimum results from their orthodontic treatment,” said Nikaeen, who also is a Los Angeles Invisalign provider. “In cases where we can remove compliance from the treatment equation, it helps ensure the results that the patients want and that I want as their orthodontist.”

Malocclusion Treated With TADs
Nikaeen uses TADs to treat a variety of malocclusions. They include:

Intruding molars- mini-implants can move one tooth or several teeth into proper position without affecting the position of adjacent teeth. This wasn’t possible without TADs, Nikaeen said.

Maxillary occlusal cant- TADs can fully intrude the cant without the typical extrusive side effects in the non-affected side. The same implant used to intrude the cant can be used to retain the intrusion and extrude the mandibular teeth, which closes the resulting open bite, according to the Ormco Web site. Ormco is a maker of TADs http://ormco.com/index/ormco-products-vector)

Canine impaction- If the canine teeth cannot drop into place because they are impacted or simply fail to erupt, TADs can be used for correction.

Molar uprighting- If the molars are mesially inclined, microimplants can upright the molar without any unwanted reciprocal movements such as extrusion and/or mesialization of the adjacent teeth. This treatment can be done without bonding brackets to the entire dentition.

Space closure- Gaps where teeth are missing can be corrected through the use of TADs.

Other orthodontic corrections Nikaeen has made using TADs are:

• Center-line correction.
• Realigning and retracting front teeth.
• Stabilization of teeth with reduced bone support.
• Closing spaces where molars were removed as part of orthodontic treatment.
• Intruding/extruding teeth.

About Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen
Dr. Nikaeen graduated with honors from dental school in 1993 and received a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS). She gained experience practicing general dentistry for several years before attending Columbia University School of Dentistry and Oral Surgeons in New York, where she earned her post-doctoral education in orthodontics and received an orthodontic specialty certificate.

In addition to running her practice, Dr. Nikaeen is a faculty member at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) Orthodontic Department and teaches orthodontic residents.

Dr. Nikaeen’s Los Angeles practice serves patients throughout Southern California, including Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

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