How To Control Sweating Naturally

by Will - Groening

Posted on Friday 26th of August 2011

Although sweating is a natural mechanism of the body to keep it cool, excessive sweating is a condition that needs to be checked as it can be very embarrassing. While some people have a natural tendency to sweat profusely, at times, it can also be pathological in nature. Any disorder and malfunctioning in the sweat glands may lead this condition called ‘hyperhidrosis’.

Causes of Sweating

There can be many causes of excessive sweating. Exposure to heat is the first and foremost reason of sweating. It is the natural mechanism of the body to cool down the body. Some people have a tendency to overreact to minor stress and end up sweating profusely. Similarly, it is generally believed that fat people are more prone to sweating. Sweating is directly related to the number of sweat glands and hence, it is also genetic in nature. So, the nature and profusion of sweating differs from person to person. While the immediate reasons for people to sweat could be stress or exposure to heat, it can also be due to eating of some hot and spicy food. Teenagers also find sweating to be bothersome as the secretion of hormones is at its peak during such periods.

Controlling Sweat

Although some people are unfortunate enough to sweat easily and can do very little about it, still they can control excessive sweating by taking certain precautions. They can be as follows:

i. Taking regular baths with soap and water is the best way to fight excessive sweating. Cold water is generally preferred to hot water. The sweat along with the bacteria on the skin produces the bad odor. Taking proper baths also fights body odor. A mixture of chamomile, baking soda and lemon juice may be mixed with the water.

ii. Avoid any exposure to heat as much as possible, as sweating is the instant and automatic reaction of the body. Always take an umbrella when you are going out in the sun. Your living rooms should also be air-conditioned.

iii. Using talcum power all over the body also helps to lessen sweating. Special care should be taken for the armpits, neck and groin regions as they are more prone to sweat.

iv. Dressing up properly is one of the ways by which you can control sweating. Garments of polyester and other synthetic materials are not recommended. Cotton is the most suitable fabric in this regard, as they absorb the sweat easily. They also facilitate the passage of air and hence evaporation. The color of the dresses should not be dark as they absorb heat. In stead, white or light colored dressed should be worn.

v. Long hairs can be bothersome to people, who have the problem of excessive sweating as the hair sticks to the sweat and produce bad odor.

These are the some of the causes and ways by which you can control excessive sweating. You may try some of the techniques described. While you may not be successful in stopping it completely, they would help you manage with it to some extent.

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