Genital Wart Cream: The Aldara Cream Overview

by Matthew McMillan

Posted on Wednesday 10th of August 2011

Condylomata acuminata or genital wart is a highly infectious sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by human papillomavirus, which also causes cancer, but the cancer causing strains are different from those that cause genital warts. Ninety percent of genital warts are caused by strain 6 and 11. These viruses enter the body during sexual activities with an infected partner and lie in a latent stage for a long period before being manifested as warts. The worst part of it is that the virus can transmit the disease even in this latent stage. Therefore, you can never know if your sexual partner has genital warts or not.

Some sub types of human papillomavirus, mainly the strains 6 and 11 cause these genital warts. After entering the body through the minor abrasions that occur during sexual activities, the virus lie suppressed for a long period before coming out as genital warts. In other words, those who are infected with HPV may not develop visible warts for a long time and yet can infect others during sexual activities.

Visible warts can either be treated by various genital wart creams and lotions or can be removed through surgical methods. However, if the human papillomavirus remains in the body, the wart reappears within few months. Earlier, there was a consensus that HPV cannot be eradicated by any medicine. Now it is believed that a strong immune system can clear the virus through interleukins, which recruits interferon, which in turn slows viral replications. A new study has shown that it can be either cleared or suppressed through immunological responses. Some modes of genital wart treatments also slow down the HPV replications and thus indirectly help in eradicating HPV from the body.

When the doctor prescribes the Aldara genital wart cream, he or she will tell you all the important facts about the Aldara genital wart cream. In addition to the necessary information about the Aldara genital wart cream, the doctor will also tell you how to use the Aldara cream. Some good doctors may even demonstrate the procedure of the Aldara genital wart cream application. If the doctor is giving the Aldara genital wart cream application procedure, you need to pay careful attention to it. Ask all questions that you want the doctor to answer and don’t feel shy.

Have a frank discussion with the doctor. Do not feel embarrassed. 10% to 20% sexually active persons have HPV and among them 1% have clinically visible warts and if you translate that into figures, you will find that a huge number of the American population actually is suffering from the ailment. Anyway, do not feel embarrassed to ask questions. You can ask him:
• How safe is the drug for you?
• Why he has chosen this particular drug?
• What other alternative are available right now?
• What type of side effects can you expect?
• What side effects can you expect from other mode of genital wart treatments?

The cream works wonder for some people, while it not only fails to act on others, but produce horrible side effects on some. So, before you embark on the treatment, make sure that this particular genital warts removal cream is suitable for you. Try to understand:
• What actually is Aldara?
• How safe is it for you?
• Why has your doctor chosen this particular medicine over others?
• What side effects can you expect?
• What precautions should you take?

Remember, Aldara is for external use only. It is not for use in mouth, nostrils, eyes, anus, and vagina. If the medication gets into your eyes or in the mouth by any chance, rinse with water and then see the doctor. Make sure the packet is kept away from children and pets. Always wash your hands after use. Aldara is a very good genital warts removal cream, but it needs to be dealt with caution to avoid intolerable side effects. You only need read some of the patient reviews to understand this.

Pouches once opened should be thrown away, even if there is enough cream left. Some patients, who do not have health insurance, may be tempted to save such opened pouches for another use because they are quite expensive. However, you should resist such urges. Throw away the opened pouch in a safe place. If you really cannot afford a new pouch for every application, instead of using the old pouch, tell your doctor about it and have the genital warts cream changed. There are some other effective medicines. May be they will have slightly more side effects, but definitely less than that caused by contaminated Aldara.

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