Vasectomy Reversal! My Personal Story

by Seomul Evans

Posted on Sunday 3rd of July 2011

Each year almost 25,000 men consider vasectomy reversal and each one of them is equally concerned and apprehensive about the possible complications and the outcome of the procedure, so here is a rather personal account of my experiences with vasectomy and the eventual reversal of the procedure.

Most men consider vasectomy reversal in two cases: a divorce or a change in the financial circumstances in which case a couple may decide to have more children because they can afford it at that point in time. Generally, men consider vasectomy if they are married and have had the desired number of children and when they and their partner are reasonably sure that do not want to add to their family. Whatever the reason , the fact remains that the decisions is often motivated by the stability of the relationship and the assumption that tings are not likely to change in future.

If you and your partner are absolutely sure that you do not want to have children in future, a vasectomy can be one of the most convenient and, needless to say, a permanent form of contraception. The procedure is fairly simple and involves the severance of a tube called the vas deferens that transfers the sperms to the urogenital opening. It was a simple outpatient procedure in my case as well but I was not too pleased with the fact tat the painkiller was wearing off as I drove the last few miles and I can tell you rather emphatically that it has never been more difficult to use the clutch.

But soon I forgot all about the discomfort and resumed my normal course of life because I was simply one of the thousands of men who have a vasectomy; at this point the thought of vasectomy reversal had not even crossed my mind.

But a few years down the line, I was divorced and ready to start my life anew which would eventually include having more children; this is when I started seriously considering a vasectomy reversal. But I had some time on my hands so I started looking at the various clinics that seemed appropriate for the procedure; eventually, I earmarked one. I still remember discussing the prospect of pregnancy in future with the surgeon and he was very forthright about the reality of the situation. He told me very clearly that even though the success rate of vasectomy reversal was quite impressive; there is certainly no guarantee that the procedure would work for me. But he also told me that he would know about my chances of having a child in future right after he opened me.

It was a simple outpatient procedure again only this time the surgery was conducted under general anesthesia. After the surgery, I followed all the after cafe instruction but I simply did not have the courage to find out about what the surgeon felt were my chances of fathering a child in future; I decided to let fate takes its course.

The next time I spoke to him was after three years when my wife of six months was pregnant with our child; needless to say I was elated and the first person I called was the doctor to thank him. And exactly nine months and 5 days down the line we welcomed our little bundle of joy, our very own angelic daughter. She is six years old now and an absolute joy to behold; the apple of our eye.

So if you were to ask me if a vasectomy reversal was worth the money and effort; I would say definitely. But don’t get your hopes too high right after the surgery; there are those of us who are fortunate and things work out as planned then some of us are less fortunate but there are alternative courses of action that can help you to have your biological child even after a vasectomy.

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