Treat Asthma With Home Remedies and Exercise

by Ron Shelf

Posted on Wednesday 27th of July 2011

Asthma is one of the chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. It is characterized by cough, difficulty of breathing, and wheezing. It is a life-disruptive disease that affects the everyday activities if not treated.

There are three types of asthma: The first is Allergic asthma which is caused by allergens like, smoke, strong fragrances, like perfume, pet dander, pollens, and for some people, also food. Another kind is Idiopathic asthma, appears as a result of colds, upper respiratory infections, or exercise. The third type is basically a combination of both allergic and idiopathic asthmas.

When there is an asthma attack, airways are blocked, and inflamed, making it difficult to breathe. Asthma attack ranges from mild to severe, lasting from minutes to hours. In some cases intensive care is required, and in other cases, it may resolve by itself without any treatment.

During the attacks, the body develops an exaggerated reaction; Air passageway narrows down producing that distinctive wheezing caused by swelling, and excessive mucus production.

If not treated right, moderate asthma could turn into a chronic condition which may require a more intensive treatment; therefore it is important to treat the asthma when first signs appear.

Since the allergic asthma is triggered by allergens it is wise to take a test to examine which allergens trigger the asthma and to avoid them as much as possible. If the problem is dust, remove it with a wet cloth or a special vacuum. Wash your hands every time you handle long-haired animals, if the trigger is animal hair and pollens.

If the attacks still appear even while trying to avoid the allergens, you can try and use home remedies for asthma which can be found around the house.

Some examples for home remedies which are easy to use at home: If you have difficulty to breathe turn the hot water in the shower until the whole bathroom is steamy, get in and breath in. This will clear the passageways and will help to smooth the breath in no time.

Water is a great solution, it helps to breathe better by dissolving the mucus and reducing secretions.

For a long time, coffee was considered to be one of the causes of the disease. Current studies show the health benefits of this beverage. Apparently, Coffee is abundant with antioxidants, which means it increases the heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and dilates the airway.

Another home remedy for asthma is honey. You can either take it pure, or mixed in warm tea. Honey is truly a miracle food, and it taste great.

Ginger is also a good treatment for asthma. A hot ginger drink is a good choice to alleviate asthma problems. You can add honey as a sweetener.

In addition to using these home remedies for treatment and prevention of asthma, there are physical activities that can help controlling the respiratory disease. Swimming is a good example it helps to clear the nasal passages from irritants, and helps to increase lung expansion and ventilation. Some activities are also useful for good posture, which can help people with pulmonary problems.

Even though home remedies and exercise are beneficial to control the asthma, it is still important to have regular checkups with your doctor. Remember that asthma can be a deadly disease.

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