Tinnitus Herbs - Best Natural Tinnitus Cure

by Jim Janowiak

Posted on Wednesday 6th of July 2011

Tinnitus Herbs - Best Natural Tinnitus Cure

Do we all know what tinnitus is? You probably do because you are doing your research on tinnitus herbs. Tinnitus can be cured with natural herbs. Thousands of people have found relief using natural methods.

Most of the natural methods deal with diet and exercise. This article has limited space so we will just deal with the best natural herbs proven to provide relief for many tinnitus sufferers. Possibly these and other herbs can bring you relief.

First, understand curing your or someone else's tinnitus with herbs has some great advantages. These natural herbs are not expensive and readily available. Second, this method of providing relief doesn't require expensive doctor visits, equalizer equipment or a surgical procedure.

There are three recommended natural tinnitus cures.

1.Ginkgo Extract - provides three known benefits to the human body. These benefits are uniquely suited to helping many people's tinnitus. Your inner ear has a very small organ called the cochlea. In the cochlea are tiny hair cells that move the sound.

Ginkgo extract improves blood flow in small capillaries which the hair cells in your inner ear have. Research results also found ginkgo protects against cell damage from free radicals. Also ginkgo protects against platelet aggregation or blood clotting.

This all sounds great but don't go out and start taking massive amounts of ginkgo. Here is a small caution, ginkgo supplements need to be taken in some amounts daily. Typically you want to start out with about 40 mgs per day. Consult a medical professional for higher dosages.

2.Sesame Seeds - are used in many foods and for cooking oil. They are healthy, oil rich, polyunsaturated fats. Almost everybody has eaten sesame seeds in bread, hamburger buns, bagels and crackers to name a few.

Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium and iron. There are other minor minerals which combined with the above gives sesame seeds great antioxidant properties. Once again you will see a healthy all around diet will reduce or eliminate many people's tinnitus.

3. Goldenseal - is known to have a antimicrobial effect on foods and throughout the body. This is believed to reduce tinnitus by reducing ear infections which can happen and the individual may not know for some time.

The above are just to name a few natural herbs. There are many other natural herbs, spices and supplements that many have praised for the reduced or eliminated effects of tinnitus. These three natural herbs can have a positive effect on your tinnitus, but these are not the only natural herbs.

It is very important you research all of the possible cures and find out which one will work for you. This might take a little trial and error, but the relief from tinnitus is well worth it.

The best and fastest way to conduct your research is to download a great research book on the subject. Some of these books are well written and the research is clearly pointed out. The most popular natural cures are identified and you can typically get relief within 15 to 30 days.

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