Risk Factors For Cataract Surgery

by Scheygen Smith

Posted on Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Like any surgery, cataract surgery creates risks, like bleeding and infection. Before cataract removal, the physician may advise the patient to stop temporarily taking medications which increase the danger of bleeding at the time of surgical operation. After surgery, he/she must keep his/her eyes clean, do not touch the eye without cleaning the hands and use recommended medications to aid in minimizing the dangers of infection. Serious infection may cause vision loss.

Cataract surgery increases slightly, the danger of retinal detachment. Some eye disorder, like high myopia(nearsightedness), may further add to the risk of retinal detachment after removal of cataract. The most common sign of retinal detachment is abrupt increase in floaters or flashes. Floaters are small "cobwebs" or spots that appear to hang in the field of vision. Retinal detachment has to be given attention right away because of its medical urgency. If you observe rapid increase in flashes or floaters, see an eye specialist right away. Your eye should be examined by an eye surgeon as needed. Retinal detachment does not cause any pain. Early medication of this eye illness can prevent eternal loss of vision. The sooner the treatment is, the better is the chance to regain good eye sight.

Cataract removal is the most ordinary operations done in the U. S. It is the most effective and safest type of surgery. Almost 90% of people who had cataract surgery had better visions afterward.
Preparations done before surgery.

Two weeks prior to surgery, some tests will be done to the patient. These tests will include the measurement of the curvature of the cornea, the size and shape of the eye. These facts will help the doctor to choose the exact type of IOL. The patient is advised not to drink or eat anything twelve hours prior to surgery.

You may be asked not to eat or drink anything 12 hours before your surgery.

During surgery, drops will be placed into the eye so that the pupil will dilate. The areas around the eye will be cleansed and washed. The operation normally lasts less than 1 hour and almost painless. Plenty of people prefer to remain awake at the time of surgery. Others are put to a sleep for a short duration of time. When awake, the patient will be given anesthetic to numb nerves in and around the eye.

After operation, a patch can be placed over the eye. The patient is allowed to relax for a short period of time for observation of any problem, like bleeding. Plenty of people who were operated on cataract were discharged on the same day

Usually mild discomfort and itching are common after cataract operation. Some fluid discharges are also regular. The eye can be sensitive to touch and light. Discomfort may occur, but after a day or two, moderate discomfort would disappear. Few days after surgery, the doctor will suggest the patient to make use of eye drops to help in healing and reduce the risks of infection. It is necessary to wear eyeglasses or eye shield to protect the eye. Refrain from pressing or rubbing the eye.

When at home, avoid bending from waist to pick up some objects. Do not raise heavy objects. You may walk, climb the stairs and do some light household tasks. Healing is completed within 8 weeks.
Problems can develop after surgery. These problems include bleeding, infection, inflammation, vision loss, double vision and low or high eye pressure. These problems can be resolved with prompt medical attention and may be successfully treated, so when problems appear try to consult your doctor.

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