How Can an Electronic Muscle Stimulator Help Your Muscles

by Adrianna Noton

Posted on Friday 15th of July 2011

An Electronic Muscle Stimulator or EMS has been used in hospitals, clinics and physical rehabilitation centers for more than 40 years. They are typically used as a form of therapy with the help of a medical professional. It is used regularly by physical therapist in helping to keep a muscle active until the patient is able to move it themselves. There are some also available for use at home.

The safe ones will have an approval by a regulatory body. This is important because these devices are sending electrical impulses to your body. Without a safety seal there have been reports of what people fear most when they think of electricity being directed at their bodies. Shocks, possible burns and bruises are nonexistent with a machine that has a safety approval. These are completely safe.

An EMS will re-educate muscle, as in the case of someone who has temporarily lost the use of a muscle and is learning how to use it again. It is used to relax the muscles of patients that have painful muscle spasms and for those who are recovering from an injury and need to increase range of motion.

It is used to prevent muscle atrophy for those who have had long-term immobility, or a neuro muscular disease and are unable to use their muscles. If a patient has had a stroke, major surgery or any serious injury that impairs muscle function an EMS may be used to rehabilitate muscles.

There are models strictly for use by a medical professional. To get the patient used to the feeling it is started at a low frequency. Once the patient has become used to the machine and how the muscle should feel while using it, a portable device may be given. This device is to be used at home and the patient is educated on how to use it.

The machine will have electrodes with leads. These will have a sticky surface. These electrodes are placed on either side of the intended muscle. An electrical pulse is directed at the muscle and will tense and release it repeatedly.

The unit imitates natural muscle movement and stimulates the nerves that control the muscle. The chosen frequency and intensity is chosen based on the condition of the muscles. It will have displays to show the frequency being set and the intensity. Some have displays with step by step instructions and the ability to lock in a frequency so the same electrical pulse is delivered consistently.

The stimulator is used for non medical purposes as well. Athletes use it along with regular exercise to increase muscle strength, endurance and response speed. It can be used for those times when you are unable to workout. It is also used on the abdominal muscles to further define the area and stimulate muscles that are hard to work with conventional exercise.

The electronic muscle stimulator can also be used to prevent injury. It will increase blood flow and oxygen while toning and improving endurance to muscles. Whether used to relieve pain or prevent loss of muscle strength it has been proven to be effective medically and personally.

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