Emotional Freedom Technique

by Brent McNutt

Posted on Sunday 31st of July 2011

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is known as a technique that centers about psychological complications. EFT is deemed an alternative form associated with psychotherapy where it concentrates upon the body’s energy field. The energy field involving the body is handled making use of acupuncture where it centers regarding a specific painful memory, thereby relieving the person involving the emotional trauma linked with where it memory. The idea of Emotional Freedom Technique was derived from the notion where it bad inner thoughts can be very detrimental towards body’s energy field and also general psychological well being. EFT practices very much the same guidelines as acupuncture. There are a variety of publications related to Emotional Freedom Techniques where it shed both positive along with bad light upon the subject.

Critics question the theory associated with Emotional Freedom Technique, relating to it as a phony science. They believe that it merely throws an individual's focus from the negative thinking, making an individual forget the shocking memory or psychological problem instinctively. They do definitely not believe where it the body’s energy field may be altered to induce psychological recovery. Critics declare there is no extensive basis or sound evidence to support this technique along with which support for EFT is based largely upon word-of-mouth together with dissemination associated with information regarding the internet. Investigation relating to psychological freedom techniques is certainly not available in addition to presently there is actually no scientific proof to support this technique. In spite of what critics claim, a large number of men and women believe in the benefits associated with Emotional Freedom Techniques. Supporters claim that this technique can definitely not be scientifically tested and which the theory is determined by therapies associated with a traditional nature, such as meridian acupuncture points.

The principle regarding EFT was tested in a group of placebo (believe they are receiving treatment, but did certainly not receive treatment) and non-placebo (received treatment) folks. The findings showed that the placebo group showed similar positive changes identified in those associated with the non-placebo group who followed the standard mythology regarding emotional freedom techniques. The placebo party believed they were getting the treatment and felt positive results; therefore the positive psychological outcome was because of to their belief where it they were being treated definitely not the treatment itself. EFT is a way regarding distracting an individual's interest and relieving distress that is linked with a certain psychological problem. There is no evidence to suggest that it controls neither the body’s energy field nor its existence in anatomy plus history.

Lots of individuals have a tough time dealing with emotional plus psychological issues and also are certainly not able to face these issues simply, especially when they are unexpected. Everyone is faced with emotional issues or psychological complications; most involving us have or will experience lots of difficulties throughout our life because we are caring human beings. We are definitely not always in control regarding our surroundings and we may be affected by occurrences happening around us.

However, we do have control over how we handle ourselves plus our emotions, and we must deal with issues that arise together with remain in a good state associated with mind. We should remember to keep an open mind when considering treatments related with personal psychological conditions. It is important to take a proactive approach to dealing with our problems, by dealing with it face in plus wholeheartedly, we can’t avoid or ignore our issues. It may certainly not be easy, yet we can win the fight plus learn more about how to deal with out problems in a better more knowledgeable means.

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