Are You Allergic?

by Irsan Kao

Posted on Sunday 17th of July 2011

Are you allergic? Well, you may know from some common symptoms, but for its treatment, you should know the root problem and solve them. So, let us know how allergy is caused.

Our body has got an immune system which keeps trace of the foreign body entry into our body, which is not required by the body, or in other words not suitable for the body. So, the immune system, as soon as gets the idea of foreign entity entry into the body, which is trying to disturb the normal function of the body, gets into action. In doing so, at time, it overreacts resulting into some specific or irritating reactions called allergy.

So, how would you know if what you are suffering is allergy? In fact, it has very irritating and severe symptoms at times, which causes pain at times very severe, rashes, swelling of body parts, cold, irritation in throat, acidity in stomach and watery eyes.

So, are you allergic? Then, you have to know about it more and try to treat from the root. Just avoiding some items at times, doesn’t solve the problem permanently. So, first know the cause of the allergies:

- Some allergies are from the birth itself. Some develop as one grows.

- Some are due to medicines taken during the treatment. While undergoing the treatment for a disease, some of the medicines may cause allergy.

- Some of the most common allergic situations are weather conditions. One has to notice which situation has led to an allergic reaction. Particular weather condition, may be too hot, too cold, humid may start an allergic reaction in the body of a person.

- Some by dust. Too much of dust around, may lead to allergic situation.

- Food is a very common cause of allergy. After consuming food of specific type also, allergy may result.

Once the allergy cause is known, the best way to keep allergic reaction is to keep away from those allergy causing situations. Avoid too much of body exposure to the weather conditions which are allergic. Avoid the food, though of your liking to keep the body from allergy. Be knowledgeable, about the medicines that don’t suits your body, so that you can tell your doctor, even if he forgets you to ask for a question... have you got allergy for any medicine?

If in spite of precautions, you get into an allergic situation & allergy symptoms starts, don't wait for allergy to get severe, promptly have the medicine to avoid the fatal situation like Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergy condition, which releases histamine to cause severe body reactions including blockage of airways. This kind of allergy may be dangerous, especially since it affects the breathing. Nonetheless, time is of essence and do not delay any allergic situation to see the doctor soon. For this always carry your allergy medicines with you, particularly when you are away from home. If the babies are having allergy problem, always keep the medicines at a place that every one in home knows, so that there is no problem in providing first aid to them in case of emergency.

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