Suggested Structure For Writing a Dissertation

by Brain Haley

Posted on Wednesday 29th of June 2011

Dissertation writing is the most important or valuable writing skill that a college student can have to their credit. This skill will give students an opportunity to get a grasp on researching and writing and appropriately demonstrate people their understanding of certain subjects.

The first ting that a dissertation is supposed to include is a statement. Dissertation statement shows the reader your intention about researching certain subjects that will be included in your paper. Some students input their personal opinion or knowledge in this section.

Dissertations have no precise structure, but it is easier to write and also for their better quality to follow a set structure to write them. Thus a dissertation’s structure should look something like the following:

Title page: This mentions the nature of the work and the research going into it, your name as its author, and a statement regarding the program within which it is being submitted. And finally, the date of actual submission.

Abstract: It is a summary of your particular objectives within the paper, and what you expect to achieve by researching the subject. It should mention the methodology you have utilized and also what have you found by researching the subject.

Content list: This part should include all the chapters and sub chapters’ names of your dissertation.

Additional list: this list should mention all the illustrations, tables and diagrams that you have included in your paper.

Acknowledgment: This section is for any acknowledgments that you need to make.

Main text: This is the body of your dissertation. It should comprise sections for all the points you are making and research findings. It should also have the appropriate heading in it.

References: This is the section where the reader will find all the references that you have made throughout your paper. It is easier to write them as and when you write them in the paper, then you can double check while proofreading your final draft to make sure you included all of them.

Appendices: The final part of the dissertation has to include all the different parts of the writing that don’t make actual and direct input to the main text.

It is always worthwhile to allocate some time for structuring your dissertation properly before you start writing it. This helps you completing it quickly as you are better organized and prepared. You could look at other completed dissertations to see their structure and can get ideas for your own dissertation’s structure. It will help it becoming clearer when making your own structure.

Dissertation writing is laborious, takes a lot of time, therefore demands patience. However, by planning it you’ll be able to complete it quicker than otherwise.

Another key to writing a great dissertation is concentration. Find a quite spot to avoid distractions. Distractions, obviously, can make you lose the plot and you may forget the point you were trying to make. This is also a good time to plan and write some points in shorthand while writing them in main text, this way you won’t forget what you have already written and won’t repeat yourself.

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