Ways How Skin Forms Scaly and Itchy Patches

by Seomul Evans

Posted on Friday 20th of November 2009

How and why the Psoriasis is the second of skin diseases more common worldwide, with part one. Similarly, disfiguring acne, psoriasis has no effect on the face, but must be accompanied by the scale and inflammation, often with itching of the scalp, elbows and knees. But before the illness in detail, let's get to some basic psoriasis. In short, the situation is the result of an overproduction of skin cells that accumulate and form scaly patches of itchy skin surface.

A non-contagious skin disease, psoriasis, psora word Greek word meaning simply bite comes from. Approximately 125 million people worldwide suffer from psoriasis, or 3% of the population.

Psoriasis is discrimination between the sexes, and affects men and women Although it may take at any age; adults are more prone to them. This is a long and recurrent disease is not known how to avoid it.

Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis a common condition called mandate, as the disease manifests itself in different ways with different types, gravity and the body part to suffer. Plaque psoriasis or psoriasis vulgaris is the commonest of all cases 90%.

It is bounded by the red, the items marked with scales on the scalp, hands, feet, elbows, knees and genitals. These patches or lesions are usually chronic. Then there's the guttate psoriasis (psoriasis), psoriasis, which often affects children and adolescents. It appears that the water droplets and rough red skin, often followed by a throat infection or lung.

Seborrheic Psoriasis

Seborrheic Psoriasis occurs on the scalp mimicking a severe case of dandruff, patches of thick skin, scaly at the front of proliferation.

PsoriasisPustular pustular psoriasis is very rare and has spots on the skin covered with small pimples or pustules. Inverse psoriasis affects areas of the body with skin areas like the armpits, groin and chest, and looks like a fungal infection.

As if the suffering of the disease is bad enough, increasing the suffering of psoriasis Soles, palms and soles strikes. Basic research on psoriasis will tell you that psoriasis is believed to be hereditary, 40% and is caused by an immune system abnormality.

Psoriasis Triggers

Normally, skin cells take a month, the top layer of skin or skin before they die and are shed. In psoriasis this process takes only 3-4 days! Since the body cells do not shed at this rate, they accumulate on the surface of the skin, resulting in scales, raised patches or plaques.
Psoriasis Triggers did know that stress is an important trigger of psoriasis? Some infections such as strep throat (sore throat), thrush, boils, it is known that viral infections of the respiratory and HIV to cause disease.

Causes of Psoriasis

Other causes include skin lesions, nutrition and climate change that leads to dry skin. The reaction to certain drugs like lithium and anti-malaria drugs may also cause exacerbation of psoriasis. Less common causes are hormones, smoking and drinking more. Symptoms usually range from mild to severe, and most types of psoriasis go through cycles of boom and bust. Even something that causes an outbreak of a person can not depend on another person.

The good news is that if no cure, there are many effective ways to treat psoriasis and management. Current treatment with topical treatment of psoriasis, that a wide range of creams and lotions with corticosteroids, synthetic forms of vitamin A and D, and even good old coal tar should be addressed.

Coal tar has been used effectively to treat psoriasis for over 150 years and remains an ingredient in many topical applications to suppress primarily to reduce the swelling and inflammation and the immune system to service. Phototherapy is another treatment if the affected skin is exposed to a specific wavelength of UV light.

In severe cases of psoriasis, systemic therapy is required. There are all kinds of drugs and syringes, such as derivatives of vitamin A, cyclosporine and methotrexate, but they cause different side effects. A newer and safer alternative is the use of biological agents.

Given the different manifestations of the disease, it is important to correct the major psoriasis before the decision of a certain line of treatment.

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