Underarm Whitening Review - Using an Underarm Whitening Cream For Dark Underarms

by Ava Cantos.

Posted on Tuesday 17th of November 2009

Underarm whitening is a very common and very safe cosmetic procedure as long as those purchasing this kind of skin lightening treatment are aware of some of the inherent dangers associated with skin bleaching. To begin, while you may have come across this article when searching for an underarm bleaching cream for your dark underarms, the name underarm bleaching sounds more intimidating than it is. In reality, unless you purchase a dangerous skin bleaching cream or gel, the more appropriate term is underarm whitening or underarm lightening, as this process is gradual and will typically take multiple weeks to produce dramatic results.

Before you decide on an underarm whitening cream or gel, it is important to understand why your dark underarms became dark in the first place. There are a few common reasons that dark underarms develop including excessive shaving and waxing as well as a reaction to specific underarm cosmetic such as deodorants. That said if you continue excessively shaving or waxing, your dark underarms will return even after you successfully use an underarm whitening cream. You may also want to reconsider using your current deodorant and instead switch to a brand that is hypo-allergenic or natural.

Now that you are a little more aware of what may have caused your dark underarms, it is important to know that there are dozens if not hundreds of skin lighteners on the market to choose from. These skin lighteners, as long as they are safe, are effective to use on sensitive skin such as on the underarms. Additionally, you may use these same skin lighteners on other parts of your body that are discolored such as on dark spots or to help even out the tone of your facial skin. They are often a variety of uses for quality skin lighteners. Simply check the website for common usages as well as read through the testimonials to see what their customers have successfully used the product for.

Regarding ingredients, there is one ingredient which is unfortunately still used in underarm whitening creams. In case you have not heard, I am referring to Hydroquinone. In all my years writing about skin care and skin lightening, I have never seen one ingredient cause so much controversy. This ingredient was used for years in skin lightening serums throughout the world until it was discovered that it could lead to the development of cancer which is why it was banned in most of the world including Japan, France and England.

You should avoid any underarm whitening creams that include Hydroquinone and instead look for safer ingredient alternatives such as Alpha Arbutin and Kojic Acid. These ingredients will help prohibit new skin from developing pigment which is why they are effective in underarm whitening creams and gels.

Remember that skin lighteners have a wide variety of uses including for lightening dark underarms. However it is important that the product you choose has been used by others for lightening sensitive skin such as underarm skin, facial skin or intimate area skin to be sure that you are choosing the right skin lightening treatment for the job.

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