Top Side Effects of Fungal Infections

by Seomul Evans

Posted on Friday 20th of November 2009

It is aggravated by heat, moisture, friction and lack of air circulation. Let's brush up on our fungal infection basics.

The infection begins as a small red area and spreads in a circle or ring. Diaper rash is also caused by Candida albicans and is commonly seen in babies when soiled diapers are not changed frequently. Fungal infections are contagious, therefore, hygiene is important.

Jock Itch infects the upper thighs and groin, causing itching and burning. It affects different parts of the body. Skin fungal infections are difficult to identify, as the symptoms and appearance of the skin resemble other types of dermatitis or skin allergies.
What are Fungi?

It occurs in areas of the body which have skin touching skin, such as the armpits and groin. Inea versicolor changes the color of the infected skin, making it lighter or darker. Andidiasis is a yeast infection caused by Candida albicans. Ungal Infection Basics

Know Your Fungal Infection Basics

Fungal infections are caused by fungi invading the body's tissues. People who are susceptible to fungal infections are those with AIDS, cancer, diabetes, lung disease and patients who have received organ transplants. Fungi are one of the major groups of microorganisms, the others being bacteria, viruses and parasites. Wash your clothing frequently. Let's look at some fungal infection basics. It is a very common fungal infection and affects up to 70 per cent of people.

Who is Susceptible?

Superficial fungal infections are seen on the skin surface, nails and hair, and areas which stay warm and damp because of clothing and shoes. In areas of high humidity, wear loose cotton clothes. Knowing your fungal infection basics can help you prevent these infections by maintaining good personal hygiene. They may cause yeast infections or fungal dermatophyte infections. Do not share clothes, towels and footwear.

These infections are difficult to treat. Wash your hands after touching other people. It is not restricted to males, even women can get it. Candida causes vaginal yeast infections. Fungi can be classified by the level of penetration, parts of the body affected or the organism causing the infection. The word “fungi” is actually an umbrella term for thousands of species of fungi but only about 25 types cause infections. Use antiperspirants and talcum powder to keep the skin dry.

Types of Infections

Ringworm or tinea corpora are caused by a tiny fungus. Athlete's Foot is usually seen between the toes and sometimes on toenails and the soles of the feet. Keep skin clean and dry. Systemic fungal infections usually begin in the lungs and spread to other organs. They exist as yeasts and moulds.

The choice of drug depends on the nature and severity of infection. If the person has a weak immune system and the conditions are right for the fungi to grow, a fungal infection can occur.

Treatment and Prevention

There are various topical and systemic anti-fungal drugs available. Subcutaneous fungal infections affect the deeper layers of the skin, tissues and muscles. Intertrigo is a Candida infection which affects skin folds. Anyone may get a fungal infection because of fungi present in the air and soil or on the surfaces of everyday objects. These fungi enter through areas where the skin is injured or broken. Candida nail infections occur in people whose hands are continuously immersed in water.

What are fungal infections of the skin?

Skin infections are fungal infections of the skin caused by a fungus. There are many different types of fungal skin infections.


The signs and symptoms of a fungal skin infection depend on the type of fungus that causes this and that part of the corresponding body part.

They can cause rashes with a variety of different appearances. Some are red, scaly and itchy, while others can produce a fine scale similar to dry skin. The fungus may infect just one area of the body, or infected areas may be several.

Fungal infections of the scalp or beard can lead to hair loss. Fungal eruptions, sometimes with other skin diseases as psoriasis and eczema mixed.

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