Making Menopause Insomnia Productive

by Kenton Bruice MD

Posted on Wednesday 11th of November 2009

Sleep disorder is probably one of the most miserable symptoms of menopause, primarily because of the negative impact on the mood of the sufferers and their frustration for not being able to sleep well. When hormone deficiency becomes evident, and you haven’t consulted your doctor about bioidentical hormone therapy, making good use of the time you stay awake can be very gratifying. The key is to get creative and take those long hours awake at night as an opportunity to do something productive. Releasing the tension of not being able to sleep and using that energy to perform an activity you like, may transform the ordeal of your sleep disorder into a relaxing time, dedicated to yourself.

Here are some ideas to help you use those “extra hours” every night and which curiously enough, will help you relax and fall asleep sooner:

1. WRITING: All you need is pen and paper, or a computer if you feel so inclined. As long as you remember some facts of your daily life you’ll have material to write about. Use those hours when no one’s disturbing you and write to your heart’s content: stories, fantasies, dreams or illusions…anything will do. Who knows? You may even discover a secret talent you didn’t know about.

2. BEAUTY TREATMENT: If your daily activities won’t let you take care of yourself as you’d like, those extra hours at night might be the best opportunity to have a relaxing bath, a facial mask and that yoga workout you’ve been planning for so long. You can also do your nails or use a sophisticated gadget (as sold on TV) to get rid of cellulite. The results will be evident in the short term and having time for yourself will transform your insomnia into a less stressing experience. Use your favorite music and earphones as your best company.

3. LEARN SOMETHING: Internet is the access to knowledge everywhere. List your main interests and start surfing the web. You’ll soon find all kinds of courses to complement what you already know or add new bits of knowledge to your mind. What you find on the web may even help you start a new business or even a new life. Being awake can bring a lot of good things too! Besides, there’s a good chance you’ll find some extra relaxation techniques to learn.

4. HAVE A PASTIME: crossword puzzles, knitting, reading, watching movies or any form of art may be an excellent activity to perform during the odd hours you will be awake. Make sure you don’t disturb other people in the house. Relaxation techniques, reiki, or meditation may be great options for a pastime, as you will invest your hours awake in something beneficial to both your body and mind.

Losing sleep can be stressing, but it can feel even worse with the wrong attitude. If you try to remain positive all the way, your sleeplessness may be just a blessing in disguise. Even the great Leonardo Da Vinci used to sleep very little, and though imitating his genius is virtually impossible, you can take your sleep disorder as something natural or helpful. This will make you feel happier by doing something productive with those extra hours awake. Stop complaining and find out what you can do for yourself when nobody interrupts you…

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