Free Acne Tips For Clearer Skin

by Rolf Joho

Posted on Wednesday 11th of November 2009

Acne can be very embarrassing, particularly if it is on your face. Like many people out there you might be at you wit’s end trying to find a way to have clear skin. You have probably exhausted all the cleansers and moisturizers at your local drugstore in the hope of finding that magical bottle that will give you the skin you have always dreamed of. Clear skin starts from the inside; if you have only tried topical treatments then it might be time to start your cleansing routine from the inside.

Diet And Colon Cleansing

There are plenty of myths about how to be free of acne and diet. Some people will tell you that spicy foods and chocolate will cause pimples or acne. However the link between diet and acne is not scientifically proven. Though some people report that a change in diet often leads to skin free of acne in a remarkably short period of time.

Try to maintain an acne free skin diet for two to three weeks and watch closely to see if you have any improvement in your complexion. Cutting down your carbohydrates and increasing the amount of protein in your diet is one thing you can do to help your skin.

Cutting out dairy and soy is the next step. Your diet acne free diet should lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Saturated fats are thought to contribute to bad skin and cutting out meats that have a high concentration of saturated fats can be helpful. Instead look for foods that are rich in omega fats.

Modern diets contain plenty of processed foods and some nutritionists link processed foods to bad skin. Try as much as possible to eliminate processed foods from your diet. Increasing your water intake is also thought to help when following an acne free diet. Another helpful addition to your acne free diet is green tea; try to drink at least two cups of green tea a day.

Supplements that you can add to your daily diet include a 30 mg zinc tablet twice a day, and a fish oil supplement. Try this diet for two weeks to see if it makes any difference to your skin. While this diet helps some people the results may vary depending on the cause of your acne.

One of the benefits that people who undergo a colon cleanse report is clearer skin. There are many colon-cleansing kits available at local drugstores and health food stores. You can perform a colon cleanse at home over a week or two. One popular colon-cleansing method that many people link with acne free skin is the use of Psyllium husk.

The effects of your colon cleanse may be increased by eating only fruits and vegetables during the cleanse. Most colon cleansing kits will give you a sample diet to follow while undergoing a cleanse so that you will maximize the effects of the colon cleanse.

After undergoing a colon cleanse it is best to make changes to your diet to prolong the effects of the cleanse. For example following an acne free diet after undergoing a colon cleanse.
Seeking Professional Help

If at home acne free treatments are not helping it might be time for you to seek the help of a dermatologist. Acne is sometimes a hormonal problem and can only be treated or controlled with drugs.

Your dermatologist will be able to better judge if your acne is being caused by a hormonal imbalance. It is important that you seek help for your acne early, as acne scars can be a problem that many people live with long after the actual acne has cleared up.

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