Allergies - How To Control Allergens In Your Own Home

by James S. Pendergraft

Posted on Sunday 1st of November 2009

Allergens are impurities present in the air which triggers an allergic reaction. Allergens are any substance that are foreign to the body and can cause a specific hypersensitive reaction in your body. There are varied substances that a person can be allergic to, though the common ones are smoke, pet dander, pollen or dust mites. Living environment contains variety of plant and animal life which are source of allergens. An allergen triggers allergy which are found both in outdoors as well as indoor.

If you have any allergic symptoms, first and foremost action to be taken is to identify that what you are allergic to. With this awareness you can work towards eliminating that allergen from your home. For example you can be allergic to your pet, in such a scenario you may either decide to keep your pet outside or limit your pet to particular areas of home.

Reason to control allergens in your home:

1-Controlling allergens in your home will help you to reduce your allergic symptoms and will make you feel much better.

2-By controlling allergens you will be able to manage your allergic symptoms with fewer medicines and may be even without it.

3-It will also lower your risks of developing long term complications such as sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

Now the question arises is how to control allergens at home? To reduce allergens at your home you can adopt following techniques:

1-Regularly clean your house to prevent allergens from developing.

2-Get rid of the items where allergens can build up like rugs or stuffed animals.

3-Try to control accumulation of dust and dust mites. This can be done by regular dusting and washing of bed linens with hot water. Dust is the source of most of the allergens present in your home.

4-Animal dander and other pet allergens are the one of the substance which might trigger an allergic reaction to some of you. So it is always advisable to keep pets only in definite areas of your home.

5-House dust is a major source of indoor allergens. It is mixture of various components that causes allergic reactions. It includes mold spores, insect parts, dried food particles, animal dander and cockroaches. These contain particles which are small enough which are inhaled while breathing.

6-Indoor plants, specifically those which are kept in moist wicker baskets are also a source of allergens.

7-Avoid smoke arising from wood burning stoves or fumes which come out of kerosene heaters. If you are using wood burning stove at your home, opt for the airtight one which refrains from leaking smoke into your home.

Apart from highlighted points you also need to look around your house and figure out ways through which you can control indoor allergens at your home. Enhance your daily health care by avoiding any contact with allergens and eat more nourishing food in order to build your immune system.

Avoiding what triggers your allergies is always the best way to avoid that discomfort. But that simple solution is not always followed.

To your health!

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