Acai Berry: The Key to Health and Wealth?

by J. Martin

Posted on Thursday 5th of November 2009

There has a great buzz around the Acai berry in recent days –as word spread to the effect that this fruit of the Acai palm (which originally grew in Central and South America) could hold the key to good health and wealth that the human race has always sought so much after.

The idea that the Acai berry could hold the key to ultimate good health and wealth was not borne out of guesswork, of course, but from a close examination of the benefits which this berry is said to have on the people who get to use it.

For starters, the Acai berry has been said to increase the energy levels of its users, both at a physical (bodily) and perceptual level. Turn out that if the Acai berry does indeed deliver on this promise (and there is little reason to doubt it, if people are continuing to buy it in massive numbers), then it would hold the lost key to personal success for many people – especially when we get to appreciate that lack of energy (which inevitably lead to low levels of motivation), is the main factor behind most people's failure in all areas of their lives – though few are able to see the connection between their achievement levels and their physical energy levels. Therefore in as much as it can deliver on the promise of increasing the energy levels of the people who partake of it, the Acai berry could indeed offer the key to the 'wealth' part of the 'health and wealth' equation.

Further still, we are told that the Acai berry is able to help with all manner of health woes, from stomach problems associated with poor digestion (think of things like constipation which bedevil most of us), reproductive problems and on to as serious a range of conditions as that of heart problems…and one gets to see why the Acai berry could indeed hold the key to good health for many people, hence delivering on the 'health' part of the 'good health and wealth' equation.

With regard to that 'health' part of the equation, and provided that the Acai berry delivers on its promises, it would be the closest thing to a holistic health aid we have at the moment, because it seems to have a positive effect on every system in the body – from the circulatory system (where it is known to help with some heart problems), to the reproductive system (where it is known to improve falling sexual performance) and onto the gastro-intestinal system (where it is known to help with digestive problem) and even onto the central nervous system – where the Acai berry has been known to improve on sleeping habits of its users, thereby protecting them from the whole range of psychological and emotional health problems that are rooted in chronic sleeplessness (and which we rarely identify as such).

Of course, in as much as it can help with health, the Acai berry would also be helping with the accumulation of wealth too, seeing that health problems tend to eat up into most people's finances, denying them the opportunity to ever grow wealthy however hard they work.

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