Yeast Infection in Your Throat - How Will You Get It?

by Richard Wong

Posted on Saturday 3rd of October 2009

Yeast infections can happen on different parts of the body. Have you ever asked, "How do you get a yeast infection in your throat?" This question is usually asked by individuals who realized that they are having a mouth and throat yeast infection.

The chief reason why we get this problem is generally due to the amount of bacteria which is present in the body. In reality, a majority of adults have up to four pounds of bacteria in their bodies. This helps to keep the amount of yeast, a form of fungus which is also living in the body, in check. However, whenever there is a disruption in this balance, this microorganism proliferates and causes an infection and this is how you get a yeast infection in your throat.

In order to keep the fungus in check, a lot of people have employed antibiotics. But this may contribute to overuse, which is one of the most common contributors to yeast infections. The reason for this is that the antibiotics are not able to differentiate between the good and the bad bacteria. They destroy the good ones too, although the body needs it. As a result, the delicate balance which is existing between the good bateria and the fungus in the body will be disturbed, causing the fungus to grow without control, giving rise to a yeast infection. When this happens in the throat, you are going to get a yeast infection in the throat.

How do you get a yeast infection in your throat? Another way is that your immune system is weakened caused by some factors, such as stress, the use of steroids, and insufficient sleep. As such, the body is too weak to discourage a fungus overgrowth. When this overgrowth occurs in the throat, it will result in a throat yeast infection.

People who are suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS or cancer are also predisposed to yeast infections. Also at risk includes those who have undergone an organ transplant. Due to the fact that their immune systems have been jeopardized, their bodies are too weak and is not able to effectively fight infections.

Performing oral sex is another way how you get a yeast infection in your throat. If genital yeast infections are found in your sexual partner, the fungus can enter into your mouth and throat. It is recommended to stay off any sexual activity until the condition is cured.

Although these infections can be transmitted by way of oral sex, they are not treated as STD (sexually transmitted diseases). However, you should note that you may also be susceptible to infections due to sexually transmitted diseases as they will weaken your immune system.

When you have a yeast infection in your throat, you may observe numerous symptoms. Oftentimes, you will feel a burning sensation in your throat and itchiness in the mouth and throat. A pasty white coating can also be observed on your tongue and upper parts of the mouth.

Some food can be the reason how you get a yeast infection in your throat. Beef and dairy products oftentimes can be partly responsible for yeast infections because of the high amount of antibiotics frequently administered to cows and other livestock to make them more resistant to sickness and diseases. We also consume the antibiotics when we consume these foods which will destroy the good bacteria in us, and, as a result, allowing the fungus to grow unchecked.

How do you get a yeast infection in your throat? This article has highlighted several factors that encourage it.

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