Things to Look Out For in a Good Child Care Counselor

by Margaret. H

Posted on Friday 9th of October 2009

A good child counsellor has to have certain credentials, and they are not all about their achievements in a university. However, before we start of this article proper on the things to look out for in a good child counsellor, one of the things of course is the discipline in which they are trained in. Most of the time, good childhood counsellors are child psychologists, and they are trained in all aspects of early childhood education as well as specialised childhood education. Their educational training should be tailored towards developmental disorders and expertise in learning programmes that include structured learning, speech therapy, communication building, interactive disciplines.

The reason you need a child care counsellor is because there is a condition or problem that you are facing with your child. Normally, many parents would prefer to send their children to someone who has a Master’s or equivalent in child psychology, and who has at least a few years experience dealing with children with a range of emotional, psychological and behavioural disorders. Children can be faced with a whole host of brain developmental problems, some of which include traumatic brain injury, autism, attention deficit disorder, fragile X syndrome, down syndrome and some classifications of child speech and language disorders

A good child counsellor would have the expertise in dealing with these problems and have specific classrooms for one on one time with children with these disorders. The truth is, children with these conditions need specific, personal tutelage and therapy, and the child psychologist or counsellor needs to have an environment where structured learning and therapy can be induced. Also look out for methods like applied behavioural analysis, social skills therapy, occupational therapy as some of the methods utilised to ensure the normal development of children. Also, it is very important that your child is comfortable with the counsellor in question and that their personalities are tailor made to dealing with sometimes very difficult and very young children.

You are placing your child in the care of a professional and you need to ensure that they get along. Most parents prefer to sit in with their children on the first few therapy lessons and the good counsellors out there also encourage it. Sometimes, children with developmental disorders form an extremely strong bond with their primary care givers and it is good to taper down that contact and get your child used to the presence of another person; who will be spending a few hours with them a week. Also, make sure that you like the child counsellor as well, communication should be at a maximum and you must be updated on all the progress of the child. These are some of the things to look out for in a good child counsellor and admitting your child into the hands of one is a very big deal. Do some research and talk to parents who have their kids in some of these programmes, because in this industry, word of mouth is the biggest recommendation around.

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