The Role of Ayurveda Vata in Medicine

by Marilyn Reid

Posted on Thursday 8th of October 2009

Ayurveda Vata is considered the most important and significant among all three doshas in Indian Ayurveda medicine practice. It is said the Ayurveda Kapha and Ayurveda Pitta could render useless and helpless without Vata. All three doshas are considered essential and necessary for health, life, and body functions. Old Indian medicine practitioners assert that the Kapha and the Pitta would be lame without the dosha of Vata. Thus, it is important to know more and understand the nature and coverage of this one. To understand Ayurveda knowledge would be to understand the mystical Indian approach to medicine and healing.

The body is made up of different channels. These function like routes of doshas, somehow like energy flow. These channels include the blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, and others. When the doshas are vitiated, the activities of the channels are manifested and the ideal body function is performed. This is the main knowledge of Ayurveda practitioners. They skilfully and expertly know the body channels and organs as well as the corresponding doshas that govern such. Such medicine practitioners should be discerning enough to skilfully and accurately tell right versus inadequate performance of channels and the corresponding doshas.

Ayurveda dosha is particularly found in areas like the urinary bladder, pelvic region, bones, ear, intestine, and thighs. As such, the main activities and functions of Ayurveda Vata are defined. This dosha is deemed responsible for breathing, energy generation, and ability to move or exert movements. These organs and channels are very important in keeping overall health and fitness of the body at ideal state. The Ayurveda practitioners know how to properly use and evoke Vata to prompt and bring about proper body maintenance, voluntary and involuntary movements, and energy generation. This dosha is responsible for maintaining energy and movement.

People who have Ayurveda Vata dominant personality are observed to have specific characteristics. First, they are expressive in muscles and bones. Usually thin and lanky, people under Vata personality are known to have prominent bones and are lean. They tend to easily lose and gain weight. In general, they love cool temperature and they are commonly having dry skin. Their muscles are visible but are not as bulky as the Kaphas. They could move swifter and more gracefully than others. They have strength but moreover, they got more than just it, making them more effective and more reliable.

Vata people are reflections of their own experiences and others’ treatment of them. In this way, they are considered as hall of mirrors. They are not usually following routines. Their mental power could be overpowered easily by emotions. Their ability to think and infer is rapid, but they could be at the same time emotionally anxious. Their life could be considered ‘lives of parties.’

As mentioned, dryness could be associated and identified with the Vata people. This feature could be attributed the functions and combinations of biochemicals in the body. Ayurveda Vata is also identified with other distinct features. It could refer to coldness or coolness, dryness, and mobility. Some Ayurvedic practitioners instantly link Vata with roughness, clearness and non-sliminess. The dosha is also practically referring to lightness, which could bring about and facilitate freer and faster movement of the body. Vata is important in making sure the body’s condition would be ideal for working and for travelling.

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