The Acai Berry Promise

by J. Martin

Posted on Saturday 24th of October 2009

The Acai berry is born of the Acai palm, a tree which originally grew in some parts of central and South America, but which has since spread to other parts of the world after its commercial prospects were discovered.

The fact that the Acai palm, which 'gives birth' to the Acai berry has started being grown in other parts of the world on a commercial basis shows that the Acai berry must surely have some promise: otherwise nobody won't buy it. It is that promise of the Acai berry that we make our concern here.

Turns out that the promise of the Acai berry can be summed up in two words: enhanced health. A look through the benefits that the Acai berry promises reveals that this is a berry which promises to help with virtually all health systems of the body.

Starting with the gastro-intestinal system, the Acai berry promises improved digestion, which in this day and age, translates into a promise of freedom from conditions like constipation that have become way too prevalent because of our modern diets. Indeed, it is the promise of improved digestion that accounts for quite a considerable number of all Acai berry purchases made, seeing that although they will typically not whine about it publicly, most of us are struggling with one or another digestion issue – and we would greatly appreciate any help with it.

Turning to the circulatory system, the Acai berry promises better heart health. This it promises to do by among other things, getting rid of the 'bad cholesterol' in blood: a significant promise seeing that it is the accumulation of this 'bad cholesterol' in the blood that has the long term effect of causing various heart complications as time moves on. The Acai berry has also been said to greatly improve circulation in the body: and this does seem to be a promise that it actually delivers on, if the reinvigoration one feels upon taking their Acai berry supplement is anything to go with.

Then there is the central nervous system – where the Acai berry, while not making any grand promises, does offer to improve with one's quality of sleep. Improvement with the quality of sleep might not seem like too much of a promise, until you get to take into consideration the fact that most of the stress and other emotional woes we struggle with today are rooted in our lack of sleep, though sometimes the problems tend to be so chronic, and the lack of sleep so habitual that we fail to see the connection between them.

Finally, turning to the reproductive system, we have the Acai berry promising – for starters, improved sexual libido (and thereafter enhanced sexual performance): a great promise at a time when people are struggling with sexual confidence crises that bug them quietly, and with which they would appreciate any help. Here, there have been claims that the Acai berry even goes further to make male sexual enhancement possible, though these have run into controversy, albeit without putting the aphrodisiac efficacy of the Acai berry into question.

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