Swine Flu Protection With a Respirator

by Dan Brooks

Posted on Friday 23rd of October 2009

The most recent global health crisis nowadays is the dreaded swine flu, which is a respiratory disease that supposedly originated from pigs. Some people do not see how serious it really is, or how fast the illness gets around. Some even think that a simple fever, treated with a few flu tablets, is a good enough treatment to get rid of the swine flu. These people are wrong and may also be in a position to further make the problem worse by not taking extra precaution in dangerous times like these.

While locking yourself up at home might be a good way to protect yourself from swine flu, there are other ways to get around without the risk of being infected. What people are doing now to still continue with their everyday work and life is to arm themselves with vitamins, especially zinc tablets, and to invest in respirators designed to keep swine flu at bay.

With this, they can still go to work without fear of being infected while riding the bus. It might make you look a little bit silly (as some people refuse to wear it because they think it is an exaggerated reaction to the swine flu), but when everyone around you is getting sick and you are still in the pink of health, you will be very much thankful for it.

Donning a Mask

To protect yourself from swine flu, you may want to invest in a specially designed swine flu respirator mask. The N95 model seems to be the ideal kind, as its particular design was also proven to be a good barrier or blocker back when the bird flu was rampaging in certain parts of Asia. The N95 respirator mask is a comfortable and breathable mask you can wear that covers your nose and your mouth, with think fibers that block out harmful particles, yet still allow you to breath comfortably.

The best thing about swine flu respirators is that they come in foldable designs so there is no excuse to not have one on you. You don't need complicated and bulky masks that need a bag in order to carry them around, because an N95 swine flu respirator can comfortably fit in your back pocket. It also comes in disposable forms, so you can simply throw away one at the end of the day and pull out a fresh pack the following day – which is highly recommended for utmost sterilization.

Respirators over Surgical Masks: The Real Deal

Some people make the effort to done surgical masks in an attempt to protect themselves against the swine flu. While their efforts are commendable, it is not enough. It is important to get a mask that is specifically designed for swine flu to ensure customized protection for this kind of dreaded illness. For one thing, simple surgical face masks have very loose fibers so the particles could still seep through. The garter might become loose into the day so you might end up being exposed through the sides of your face.

On the other hand, a swine flu-specific respirator or mask has thick fiber where even almost-invisible water droplets (which are carriers or the virus) cannot pass through. There is additional protection from the side as it is also especially coated and lined with cotton and thin plastic padding to ensure that it will not deform and expose your face. In times like these when your health is at stake, there is no other way to go but to buy an especially-designed respirator meant to protect you from the dreaded swine flu.

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