Qualities and Benefits of Ghee Ayurveda

by Marilyn Reid

Posted on Monday 5th of October 2009

Ghee ayurveda is widely known in Indian medical system as a substance that provides longevity. It is considered as among the finest liquids for its healing and cleansing properties since ancient India. To many people these days, the substance is no more than just mystical. Most people could easily describe it as an essence coming from cow’s milk, which is considered important and pure as it contains the sap or essence of every important plant (cows eat plants).

In general, Ghee has been noted for its opposite qualities. It is slow, heavy, liquid, oily, soft, and dense. The substance naturally has pacifying effects. Many Indians attest that it could slow down the natural aging process through bringing about harmonious balance. People could easily feel its oiliness and unctuousness, making it lubricated, smooth, and at the same time nurturing.

To better understand Ghee ayurveda, it is suitable to take a look at its numerous uses. First, the substance is most useful for body massage. For this purpose, apply the liquid all over your body---from the head to limbs, chest, orifices, and joints. Doing so would enable the substance to penetrate deeper into body tissues. As you all know, the body could effectively absorb up to 60% of substances applied to skin. This is backed by Western or modern science, which has found that skin massaging could help in the production of peptides or endorphins (natural enhancers of the immune system).

In India, Ghee ayurveda is recommended for body cleansing, especially of the internal systems. A small amount of the substance when taken in the morning could help condition the internal organs so that toxic and unnecessary wastes that accumulate would be dissolved. Such wastes would then be carried into the digestive tract as part of natural elimination. A teaspoon or two when taken with hot water in the morning would immediately induce bowel movement. When taken before bedtime, it could help normalize and smoothen the bowel flow in the morning.

In many instances, it is also used as a carrier of herbs (in mixtures) because of its effective property to penetrate into the skin and carry important substances into the targeted tissues. The liquid could be mixed with natural gargles to provide better health to teeth and gums. As bath oil, Ghee ayurveda could be mixed with other essential oils to bring about ideal relaxation and skin invigoration. Beauty conscious Indians could use it as an exquisite form of facial moisturizer.

For many generations, Indians have been using Ghee for cooking purposes. It is practically excellent for stir-frying and sautéing. Most Indian dishes would not be complete without Ghee, which should be poured on top of food for better palatability. Indians attest that food could not be complete without the substance. It simply is incomparable and superior to cooking oil as it has among the highest flash points when compared to all other forms of oils, making it very difficult to burn no matter how much fire is applied to it.

Overall, Indians regard the substance as very important as it could boost overall body strength, beauty, and luster. However, because it could be considered a form of oil, obese people are warned about excessive intake of Ghee ayurveda, as it could pose adverse effects to their health when taken without proper moderation.

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