Four Tips to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

by J. Martin

Posted on Saturday 24th of October 2009

Here is something that is more than ample to generate sleepless nights for a woman – stretch marks. These usually occur during specific stages in their lives. Suitable examples for these stages include pregnancy, obesity. Removing a stretch mark can be a taunting task from the perspective of a woman. There are certain people who have taken up the job of advising people that these marks cannot be removed. According to them, the marks will disappear on its own – this is true, likewise. However, the fact that there are no treatments is simply a misconception. I will be listing certain tips that are commonly employed by people to remove stretch marks.

1) Stretch marks are a condition that is developed on the skin. These day's manufacturers along with the aid of pharmaceutical companies are churning out various creams and lotions – all of them claiming to be effective for stretch marks. Your best bet will be to try these products. Do not worry, even if they are not effective, there are feasible options. These will be listed in the succeeding passages. Never expect any miracles overnight – removing the stretch marks is a long process, and it will take its own sweet time. For the major share, these creams are known to be highly effective.

2)Behold – allow me to introduce certain procedures that will aid in the quick and easy removal of stretch marks (other than the creams). The first manner is to opt for laser treatment. According to physicians, the treatment can be expensive – but effective. Celebrities are known to prefer these types of treatment procedures, because of the simple fact that they can afford it. Did you know that there are specific surgeries (cosmetic surgeries) that are conducted routinely in many hospitals to remove stretch marks? Skin from a different location is grafted into the location (that contains the stretch marks).

3) The elasticity of the skin is tampered with – this is the prime cause of stretch marks. Regaining the elasticity of the skin can be cumbersome. Indulging in various activities to keep oneself fit (in other words, indulging in ambient exercise sessions) are known to work out miracles on the skin. Every skin care procedure you know can aid you in the process. This includes improving the overall tone of the skin by altering the diet habits along with drinking lots of water. You might come across certain medications that must be ingested – these medications are known to act on the skin from the inside and hence, reduce the stretch marks!

4) Keep a tab on the foods eaten throughout the day. There are foods that supplement the skin and those which have detrimental effects on the skin. Choosing the right food can aid you in combating the situation. Stretch marks can occur spontaneously, but removing them without leaving any visible marks on the body is tough. Oiling the region well and washing it off with warm water coupled with good toilet soap can also work out miracles. Resorting to changing the dressing habits (to cover the affected region) is also advised.

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