Facial Sweating - Learning to Prevent It

by Jeff McDougall

Posted on Monday 19th of October 2009

All mammals do sweat. Sweating or sometimes called perspiration or transpiration is a process wherein some forms of liquids are being produced. Sweat is being excreted by excretory glands known as sweat glands. Sweating is actually a normal process of our body. However, just like the song goes “Too much of something is bad enough”, sweating a lot is no longer normal. Of course, it is not deadly but it can cause embarrassment for some people and will even produce bad odor for most sufferers. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. It is a health problem wherein the sympathetic nervous system functions beyond the normal way. Hyperhidrosis can also be caused by malfunctioning or disorder of sweat glands.

There are various types of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Let me mention four of them. These are:

1.Excessive sweating of the hands or “Palmar excessive sweating”

2.Excessive sweating of the feet or “Plantar excessive sweating”

3.Excessive sweating of armpit or “Axillary excessive sweating”

4.Facial excessive sweating

These four can cause too much problem. It can cause discomfort and embarrassment. For example, if a person has excessive sweating of armpit or plantar excessive sweating, it can actually cause bad odor. And if you have palmar excessive sweating, it will be a bit difficult to do certain things, like writing. And lastly, facial excessive sweating is something that will actually embarrass a person and will bring his self-confidence down to ZERO.

Excessive facial sweating can be among the 'most embarrassing' factors. Reason? Well, this is what everyone else can see. And you will definitely look very messy. For instance you are a teacher and you are always facing a lot of students. Excessive sweating of your face can surely put you down. For women, who always put makeup, excessive facial sweating is a very big problem because it only means that they have to always put it back again and again. Doing makeup retouch will surely waste them a lot of time due to sweating.

There are so many solutions to sweating problems. Let's consider some cure for facial excessive sweating. One of the well-known solutions is surgery. If you are daring enough and you have enough money to pay for it then this is a good solution. Many people who tried this, have truly eliminated the problem.

Another form of treatment is the so-called iontophoresis. In this kind of treatment the body parts which sweat a lot will be placed in a machine with pails of water. Such body part will serve as the conductor between the charged pails. Actually, two pails will be used wherein one is positively charged and the other one is negatively charged. After this process it can cause clogging of sweat glands.

If you don't prefer these complicated procedures, you can always consult medical professionals for some solutions. Usually, a type of ant cholinergic drugs will be given. It is also an effective solution. But the case is different for pregnant women. As I have mentioned, it is very important to consult your doctors.

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