Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

by Charles Salmon

Posted on Friday 30th of October 2009

The short answer is maybe. E-Cigarettes are not being marketed as smoking cessation devices by most companies due to the fact that they are not currently approved by the FDA. A lot of people have quit smoking using these devices though. As with anything that has to do with quit smoking the only way for you to quit is to actually try. If you don't give it an honest shot you will never quit.

Are e-cigarettes expensive?

No. The initial outlay is usually more than what you need to spend for maintenance because you have to buy a starter kit. Once you have that you just have to maintain it. A good way of saving money is refilling your cartridges with e-liquid. It ends up being much cheaper than continually buying cartridges. The parts go bad and each part should last at least two weeks. The whole device and accessories should be considered consumable products.

Adding together what you spend on an e-cigarette and comparing it to actual cigarettes you'll see there is definitely a big savings.

What about cancer?

A lot of the cancer causing ingredients in cigarettes are caused by combustion. As soon as you burn the tobacco it creates new chemicals which in turn are cancerous. E-cigarettes doesn't create combustion or fire, it heats up a liquid and creates vapor so you avoid the whole combustion scenario. The creation of vapor by e-cigarettes is affectionately referred to as vaping.

How much are e-cigarettes?

You can buy e-cigarettes at your local mall at the kiosks for about $150 per kit or you can go online to a reputable supplier like and buy kits starting at $25 that are of equal or greater value than the mall kiosks.

What are the ingredients in the e-liquid or vapor juice?

E-liquid mainly consists of propylene glycol (used in food flavorings, toothpaste, fog machines and several other products), glycerine (used in several food and baking products), nicotine (which is a poison), and natural and artificial flavorings (food). The ingredients with exception to the nicotine are all considered safe by the FDA.

Nicotine is a poison?

Yes. Nicotine is used as an insecticide and in pure form is a deadly poison. It is especially dangerous for kids and pets. Of course if you already smoke cigarettes you already have this poison in your body which is why electronic cigarettes are only recommended for smokers. Nicotine is not a known carcinogen but it can aid the growth of cancer cells.

Are e-cigarettes safe?

Good question. The ingredients (except for the nicotine) are regarded as generally safe by the FDA, but there has been no research done on the long term effects of using electronic cigarettes. Some of the short term effects (for those successful in quitting cigarettes completely) are easier breathing, cleaner lungs, more stamina, ability to smell and taste better, and of course you smell better because you don't have that cigarette smell on your body.

Some of the side effects are dry throat and dry eyes. These effects are usually gone after a few days due to the drying effects of the propylene glycol.

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